Request Gov Christie Sign The 150′ Permiter Bowhunting Bill Into Law – It’s Easy

Request Gov Christie Sign The 150′ Permiter Bowhunting Bill Into Law – It’s Easy

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( Request Gov Christie Sign the 150′ Permiter Bowhunting Bill into law – it’s easy! We need your help on moving forward with the 150′ Bow Perimeter Bill Take Action!

Urge Governor Christie to sign these bills now

We all have worked very hard to advance a bill that will help to improve forest health, reduce deer/car collisions, minimize the spread of Lyme disease, reduce agricultural damage and assist in providing food for hunters, their families and donations of venison to people in need. The bill is the Bow Perimeter change.

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance has spent two years arduously moving the bill through parliamentary procedures with the help of supporting organizations. We have had to maneuver around strategic impediments created by animal extremist organizations, which served to mischaracterize the bill and create hysteria. Opposition to the bill, included NJ Sierra, HSUS and extremist animal rights groups that played on people’s ignorance and prejudices by using inflammatory, false and often misleading statements to deride the bill.

They have made use of a campaign replete with misinformation in an attempt to emotionalize the bow perimeter change by going as far as using small children as props during committee hearings to accentuate safety concerns. They purchased bill boards showing innocent children with arrows aiming at their heads. However, in fact, there is no history of safety incidents associated with bow hunting in NJ. The bow perimeter bill will bring the safety zone within the same parameters, or further, as those being used in the nearby sates of Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

In spite of the malicious and calculated maneuvers, both the senate and assembly asked salient questions and saw the merit of a bill designed to improve the quality of life in New Jersey for both animals and people. Our efforts to educate legislators has now resulted in the Bow Perimeter bill being passed by both houses and is now awaiting Governor Christie’s signature.

It’s time move the bill over the goal line by requesting that the Governor sign bill A1181/A1683. The bill is supported by diverse coalition of conservation organizations including; NJ Audubon, Jersey Coast Angler’s Association, foresters, NJ Farm Bureau, New Jersey Conservation Foundation and more.

Please follow the following link to a prewritten letter at the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance website. We’ve done all of the work for you. Simply fill out your personal information and hit send and you will be asking Governor Christie to sign the bill.

You can also print and mail the following letter:


The Honorable Kim Guadagno
Lt. Governor of New Jersey
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
Re: Please sign into law Bills S1181/A1683

Dear Lt. Governor Guadagno:
Dear Governor Christie

Recently both Houses of New Jersey’s state legislature approved bills S1181 / A1683 and now awaits your signature. The companion bills change the perimeter for bow and arrow hunting around an occupied building from 450′ to 150′.

As a supporter of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and the bow perimeter bill I respectfully request that the bill be signed into law. Changing the bow perimeter to 150′ will bring New Jersey into line with the nearby states of Connecticut and Pennsylvania, which have considerable success and no history of safety issues.

The bill is designed to assist in the culling of currently inaccessible deer populations. The culling is needed to reduce forest destruction and improve regeneration, decrease deer/car collisions, minimize Lyme disease transmission, reduce crop damage, provide food for the hunter and his or her family, augment recreational hunting opportunities and thereby increase revenue generation for the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Additionally, some of the venison will most likely be donated to the needy through a New Jersey program called Hunters Helping the Hungry.

Thank you for your recognition of the important contributions of New Jersey’s angling, hunting and conservation community to environmental stewardship. We greatly anticipate your signing of bill S1181/A1683.



Thank you for your support. Thank you for letting Trenton know that the +800,000 anglers, hunters, trappers and conservationists are committed to environmental stewardship.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”


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