Will NRA Endorse the Anti-gun Harry Reid

Will NRA Endorse the Anti-gun Harry Reid
Please urge them to holster their guns in this race.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Nevada –-(Ammoland.com)- A Wall Street Journal blog has reported that the NRA leadership is seriously considering an endorsement in the Nevada Senate race. But the endorsement might not be what you expect:

The chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association made an interesting admission to The Weekly Standard following a Wednesday report by RedState.com that the powerful gun lobby might back Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his general election battle against Republican Sharron Angle.

It's not that they might endorse Reid — because they might, said chief lobbyist Chris Cox — but that the issue doesn't appear to be as much about the records of Reid and Angle, but rather the specter of a Senate run by either Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois or New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

This should seriously concern gun owners, as Harry Reid is an F rated candidate by GOA — a politician who has trampled all over the Constitution. In addition to pushing the massive, anti-gun ObamaCare bill through the Senate, Reid has helped to secure the confirmations of President Obama's left-wing radical nominees to the highest positions of power.

Sen. Reid voted for, and as Senate Leader set the schedule for, the likes of Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder was the point man for gun control initiatives such as the Brady bill and the semi-auto ban under President Clinton.

Holder also coauthored an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing in favor of the gun ban in the District of Columbia. Almost immediately after his confirmation, Holder called for the reinstatement of the Clinton gun ban.

Sen. Reid also pushed through Cass Sunstein as the new regulatory czar. Sunstein stated that he believes hunting should be banned.

The top legal advisor at the State Department, Harold Koh, also received Reid's support. Koh advocates bringing the U.S. into conformity with a global gun control agenda.

And the newest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, could not have advanced if Sen. Reid had objected. Indeed, Sen. Reid voted for this anti-gun radical, who recently ruled that the Second Amendment does not protect a “fundamental” right.

As Majority Leader, Reid could have objected to any and all of these nominees and insisted that the president put forth men and women who respect the Second Amendment.

To see more of Senator Harry Reid's anti-gun record, please see: http://www.goapvf.org/index.php/sharron-angle-for-senate.htm

Bottom line: Harry Reid is not a friend of gun owners. The NRA leadership is concerned that Chuck Schumer (NY) or Dick Durbin (IL) might be elected as the new Senate Majority Leader if Reid loses. But most gun owners know this reason doesn't hold water because Harry Reid and the Democrats will not have dominating control after the November elections. And regardless, rewarding bad behavior just spoils the child!

It's obvious that the NRA has NOT told their membership about the radical anti-gun record of Harry Reid. But you can see it above. It's time to realize Reid is in a powerful position to do major harm against gun owners and must be stopped.

It's also obvious that the top leadership of the NRA — Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (who seems to be a close friend of Reid) and Chief lobbyist Chris Cox — are in bed with the Nevada Senator. If this type of coziness continues, it would not be surprising to see NRA members demand that their leadership be removed from their positions of power, before they do irreparable harm to the Association and its laudable mission.

Please note very carefully: Gun Owners of America harbors no desire to “bash” the NRA; we simply do not want to see a gun-grabber endorsed as the United States Senate Majority Leader!

Reid is clearly calling in his “chips” to get a pass from the NRA in this critical election, so call the NRA and voice your alarm at this travesty and pass this on to your friends to help stop the Reid endorsement.

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

ACTION: Please ask the NRA leadership NOT to endorse Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race — especially since his opponent, Sharron Angle, is an extremely pro-gun advocate. ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO HELP IN URGING THE NRA MANAGEMENT TO STAY CLEAR OF ENDORSING REID AS WELL.

You can call the NRA at (800) 392-VOTE (8683).

Thank you for your commitment to the Second Amendment.

The GOA Team

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul

  • 12 thoughts on “Will NRA Endorse the Anti-gun Harry Reid

    1. TOTALLY premature.

      The NRA hasn't & isn't likely to endorse Reid.

      They appear to be completely satisfied with simply donating $4,950 to his re-election campaign and publicly calling him a "Champion of the Second Amendment."

      But I'm sure that none of my money was included in their campaign contribution to Reid – I refuse to be a member of this pantywaisted organization & instead give my money to GOA & JPFO.

    2. I have contacted Mike Piccone (sp) from Guns and Patriot's webpage to attempt to discover the logic of why the nra still will not confirm or deny their stand on harry reid's endorsement. About 2 weeks ago Mike said I don't have the real story and some day he will give us X-life members(40+ years) the real story. Right now us little people that cannot contribute monthly stipends have to wait while lapierre and the bunch try and polish the image of one of the most corrupt unethical U.S.senators in history of this great nation. Shame on the nra. Their logic on this issue depends on what crystal ball they are using to determine the nov. election. Before cancelling my 40+ year life membership I called-emailed- and finally talked to one director and 1 AZ. rep. Their take is-I just don't understand the beltway. They have caved again for $ and power. SHAME on the nra.We are keeping our guns without any help from the unresponsive power brokers. good luck

      herk fin Arizona

    3. If the NRA supports Harry Reid I won't ever renew my membership again.

      Americans need to clean house in Washington and get rid of both Democrats and Republicans. Clinton and both Bushs ignored our borders too long until it has gotten completely out of hand. Obama's goal is to destroy America and he doesn't care anything about Hispanics or Mexicans, Obama just wants their vote.

      I irony is, Hispanic and Mexicans want to come to America for a better life, but vote for a Socialist/Marxist president who wants to turn America into the same type of country they have come from, how stupid is that?

    4. "Sorry GOA, but unless the GOP takes 10 seats in the senate (likely will only gain 6, 8 max), the democrats will have total control still. Before you tell me the GOP only needs 9 seats, that leaves it 50/50 with Biden casting the tie-breaker vote. I’d rather have Reid than Schumer or Durbin, the lesser of 3 evils."

      Sorry Dave, but there is no way the senate can have a Pro-Gun Majority leader if the NRA support anti-gun Senate candidates. The surest way to see that the People of US retain their 2nd Amendment Rights is to elect a GOP controlled Senate. You can't do that by electing Harry Reid, a man who supported the Brady Bill, the Assault Weapons Ban, and Lautenburg, and who votes for anti-gun Supreme Court nominees and votes against pro-gun Justices. If the NRA thinks that supporting Reid is a winning plan, then they cease to be a relative player in the defense of the People's Liberty.

      BTW, giving the Democrats a another Senate vote for 6 years is the surest way to allow Obama to pack the Federal Courts with gun grabbing Judges. Another Pro-gun vote in the US Senate means one less vote to break filibusters, Biden can be the tie breaker if the vote never gets to the Senate floor. Talk about short-sighted, defeatists political strategies.

      If the NRA sells out American liberty by not supporting Sharron Angle for the NV Senate seat then they have send their last dime from me. Let's see how Reid votes on the Kagan nomination, either on the floor or on any filibuster, is tyhe NRA supports him and not Angle anyway, then they become irrelavent, doing more harm than good.

    5. Why are they being so Stupid? and I always put hope in them n my Brother and Friends… Then It's time to back off from them as well…

    6. If the NRA does this, I am also finished with them, just like I dumped AARP over Obamacare.

    7. Well Senator Harry Reid would not allow for The USS LIBERTY VETS to come and pray for our Veterans. They support the victims military family in Vegas, punish by Senator Reid law firm just for being a sex victim who came close to death.

      USS Liberty Veterans Association

      USS Liberty ON JUNE 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked without …
      http://www.usslibertyveterans.org/ – Cached – Similar


      Israel's 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath” by USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney is finished and available to …

      ussliberty.wordpress.com/ – Cached – Similar

    8. How could VETS vote or support Senator Harry Reid or Rep Shelley Berkley?

      Senator Harry Reid profits from "sex crimes" threw his law firm Lionel Sawyer and Collins, which he sends business deals to profit. They terrorize Americans for profiteering acts against humanity.

      Senator Harry Reid has an army that persecutes victim of sex crimes by supporting them threw violating The First Establishment Clause to The United States Constitution. By giving American hard working taxes to build a private Chabad Temple Religious School in Las Vegas where religious education and prayer will be taught. For votes and donations politicians will do anything against humans.

      Senator Harry Reid/Clark Country Commissioner Rory Reid, are very vindictive mean abusive humans and allows for violations invasions into sex victims US Passport and all Federal private invasions, race profiling, invasions into VA War records of USA Veterans, social security, birth records, education, violating all Federal Discovery Laws that majority Americans would find offensive so the firm can profit millions from Sex Crime protections Safeco American Ultra Religious Sexual Molestation Insurance and other insurance protections for convicts.

      We went to war for Saddam abusing children and women threw sex crimes and human rights crimes now our own politicians do worse in a Country where we once the leading Nations on Human Rights Laws.

      God save American from these greedy self serving power hungry persecuting human rights abusers politicians. That use there position to punish victims who came close to death.

      Who profited off the War Harry Reids very close buddy Congress Shelley Berkley, invested in war arms then voted to go to war so she could become worth millions off Americans who come home in caskets blown up arms and legs and mental memories for the rest of life. So she can live in Red Rock Country Club, drive luxury cars, designer shoes/purses, face lifts, fancy hotels, money all the time, and for her 2 sons to go to law school and live the life of kings never one day in the military serving the good old USA .

      Congress Shelley Berkley is not PRO-AMERICAN.

      I forgot it is a crime to be PRO-AMERICA now in the USA. ..

      151 Congressmen Profit From War

      Apr 30, 2008 …Congress Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) $100870 to $100870 blood money human rights abuser in the millions … All those who sanction war, support war,profit off war are nothing more than criminals. …

      rinf.com/alt-news/war-terrorism/151…profit…war/3283/ – Cached – Similar

      151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit_134

      151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War. Blood money stains the hands of more than 25% … Thus, they can be off as much as 160 percent. (Try giving the IRS an estimate like that. … Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) $100870 to $100870 profited blood money in the millions …
      http://www.americanfreepress.net/…/151_congressmen_der... – Cached – Similar

    9. "The NRA leadership is concerned that Chuck Schumer (NY) or Dick Durbin (IL) might be elected as the new Senate Majority Leader if Reid loses. But most gun owners know this reason doesn’t hold water because Harry Reid and the Democrats will not have dominating control after the November elections."

      Sorry GOA, but unless the GOP takes 10 seats in the senate (likely will only gain 6, 8 max), the democrats will have total control still. Before you tell me the GOP only needs 9 seats, that leaves it 50/50 with Biden casting the tie-breaker vote. I'd rather have Reid than Schumer or Durbin, the lesser of 3 evils.

      The GOA does do a lot of NRA bashing. The GOA should focus on wielding their political power and not trying to influence or minimize the NRA's. If the GOA is right in the long-run, they will be the "NRA" in the future.

    10. Well, the NRA has said repeatedly, even in one of the latest was in their Kagan link (http://www.nraila.org/kagan/):”There may be no vote a United States Senator casts that is more important than a vote to confirm a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

      Lets examine Reids “Most Important votes” according to the NRA:

      – John Roberts (pro 2nd)- Reid Vote – No

      – Samuel Alito (pro 2nd)- – Reid Vote – No

      – Ruth Ginsburg(anti-2nd)- – Reid vote -Yes

      – Sonia Sotomayor(anti-2nd)- -Reid vote -Yes

      AND he favors Kagen who has grouped the NRA to the KKK!!!

      Reid has a 0% record for pro 2nd amendment Supreme court nominee record. And the NRA doesn’t mention what they have repeadly, referred to as “most/more important votes a senator can cast.”

      The NRA did state publically they would rate any senator who voted for Sotomayor lower, google it, and select the media source you trust the most!! Are the NRA threats to be taken seriously? If the NRA goes back on that threat, there is no reason for ANY politician to ever have to worry about NRA endorsements/warnings EVER again.

      I saw the NRAs dishonesty in their NRAILA link praising Reids new found pro 2nd amendment votes COMPLETELY IGNORING what they publicaly state are the most important votes a senator can place. It was disgusting they would do that to their members.


      I'm a "Life Member" and I had purchased a "Life Membership" for my daughter. They don't care what I think, they already have there money from me. The Annual memberships are who yield the true power here, since they can choose not to re-new and deprive the NRA of the almighty dollar. What they seem to covet mor now than the 2nd amendment. I hope the Annuals abandon the NRA in droves until the leadership gets a clue.

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