Ammo Retailer Obtains FFL & Adds Firearms Inventory

Ammo Retailer Obtains FFL & Adds Firearms Inventory


KNOXVILLE, TN –-( Those of you who follow online ammo news won’t be surprised to learn that recently obtained its Federal Firearms License (FFL) and plans to begin offering firearms for sale on its website in the coming weeks.

What’s the reason for the expansion?

The answer is simple: to continue adding value for its customers with an ever increasing product lineup. While has historically been focused on becoming the number one retailer for all things ammo, the customer requests for related product lines has continued to increase over time.

For these same reasons, recently started carrying primers, especially offering small pistol primers for sale and plans to attack firearms with equal ferocity. With a steady following of ammo customers and the successful addition of reloading supplies to the growing array of products carries, the Lucky Gunner team expects that the addition of firearms will be received well by its customer base.

The same In Stock-Shipping policy will hold true for all inventory- including firearms. If you see it on our website, it will be in stock and ready to ship. Our live inventory counter ensures that what you see is what we’ve got. Every time. No exceptions. As is always the case with, when you order before 3pm EST on a business day, your order will ship the very same day. Orders placed after 3pm EST or on a weekend ship out the next business day.

If you’re in the market to purchase a firearm and aren’t sure how to place your order, the process is simple.

Buying a Firearm from

  1. Order Online
  2. Coordinates Shipment with FFL Dealer of Your Choice
  3. You Pick Up Firearm from FFL Dealer

Please note: When picking up your firearm, you will be required to fill out a firearm transfer form and any forms required by your state and local authorities.

Visit and watch for the launch of our firearms line- we’d be happy to guide you through the process of purchasing a firearm online from

Happy Shooting!