Arkansas Tops 2009 Duck Stamp Poll

Arkansas Tops 2009 Duck Stamp Poll

Arkansas 2009 Duck Stamp
Arkansas Tops 2009 Duck Stamp Poll
National Duck Stamp Collectors Society
National Duck Stamp Collectors Society

MCCLUSKY, N.D. –-( National Duck Stamp Collectors Society President Ira Cotton has announced the results of the annual Duck Tracks Duck stamp poll.

Each years the society’s journal illustrates all the previous year’s state Duck stamps and asks its knowledgeable members to vote for the best and worst designs and for their favorite Duck stamp. The annual poll has been a Duck Tracks feature since 1995.

In the 2009 Duck Stamp Poll, the Arkansas stamp was the clear winner, capturing both the Best Design and Favorite Stamp categories. The $7 resident and $20 nonresident stamp, designed by Joe Hautman, shows a pair of hooded mergansers.

The 2009 contest had 37 eligible entries, although North Dakota had a text stamp, Hawaii (quail) and Wyoming (owl) illustrated non-duck species and Massachusetts, as always, featured a duck decoy.

In the Best Design category, Arkansas edged out Illinois (common goldeneyes by Abraham Hunter) with Pennsylvania (hooded mergansers by Gerald Putt) a distant third.

In the Favorite Stamp category, Arkansas again won by a slim margin, this time beating out Louisiana (Chesapeake Bay retriever and mallards by Anthony Padgett) and North Carolina (Wigeon Trio by Gerald Putt).

The North Dakota text stamp was the clear choice in the Worst Design category followed by Kentucky and Oregon.

The quarterly Duck Tracks journal is available with NDSCS membership, which is only $20 per year. For more information contact: NDSCS Secretary Tony Monico, POB 43, Harleysville, PA 19438.

National Duck Stamp Collectors Society: The primary purpose of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS) is to promote and encourage the collecting and study of migratory waterfowl hunting and conservation stamps. The NDSCS is the only stamp collecting society devoted exclusively to duck stamps.

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