Educating the Public About Hunting, Fishing, Conservation

Educating the Public About Hunting, Fishing, Conservation

National Hunting and Fishing Day
National Hunting and Fishing Day

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- -( For 38 years, National Hunting and Fishing Day has been celebrated from the smallest hometowns to the highest offices in our nation’s capital.

An official public reminder that conservation in America depends on leadership and funding from hunters and anglers, NHF Day now aims to deliver its message year round through a free and newly updated variety of educational resources.

Always the fourth Saturday in September, NHF Day 2010 is slated for Sept. 25.

“Our goal is equipping every hunter, angler and sport shooter to more effectively communicate the conservation benefits of traditional outdoor sports. All of us must work together to build public understanding and appreciation for what we do,” said Denise Wagner of Wonders of Wildlife, the Springfield, Mo., official home of NHF Day.

Hunting and fishing licenses, along with excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, bows, arrows, rods and reels, generate $100,000 every 30 minutes–totaling more than $1.75 billion per year–for fish, wildlife and habitat.

NHF Day educational resources, available free at, include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation–A colorful presentation of facts to accompany school speeches, lectures, meetings and
    more. Downloadable as a 16.7 MB file. A sample script and public speaking tips also are available. Or simply click
    and play the fully finished, automated audio-visual presentation, which is 6:43 in length. Be sure to check out the
    helpful hints for answering questions from your audience!
  • Handouts and Activity Sheets–Five different single-page conservation games and fact sheets designed to be fun
    and informative for all ages.
  • Print, Audio and Video PSAs–For use by the media, club newsletters or anyone who needs ready-to-use
    communications. Current and past honorary chairs are featured, including Olympic medalist Corey Cogdell of the
    USA Shooting Team, country music star Luke Bryan, outdoor television personality Michael Waddell and comedian
    Jeff Foxworthy.
  • Event Planning Tools–If you’re planning an NHF Day public celebration, use these resources for tips, timelines,
    guidelines and more. Also post your event to the official national online listing of NHF Day celebrations!
  • Wildlife Portraits–These 10 features and accompanying art can be used as a regular monthly series or individual
    handouts. They give background on each species and their significance to American culture as well as how their
    futures have been preserved through the efforts of conservation-minded sportsmen and women.
  • News Templates and Tips–Use these templates to announce your NHF Day events and other public celebrations.
    See the tips offering insights from the media on how to garner even more media attention for NHF Day and its
    important message.
  • Photos and Logos–To accompany articles or programs on NHF Day.
  • Proclamation Templates–NHF Day has been formally proclaimed by every American President from Richard M.
    Nixon to Barack Obama, along with countless governors, mayors and other officials. These templates serve as a
    useful guide for getting recognition for sportsmen and women in your area.
  • How to Get Started Hunting, Shooting and Fishing–You already know why! Here’s the basic how, what, where
    and when info that newcomers need to join the millions of hunters, shooters and anglers who help fund and lead

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The entire USA Shooting Team is serving as honorary chair for NHF Day 2010. With 103 Olympic medals for rifle, pistol and shotgun marksmanship, the U.S. excels in few sports more than shooting. Only track and field, swimming, diving, wrestling and boxing have been more prolific medal producers for Americans. In fact, shooting ranks ahead of gymnastics, figure skating, volleyball and more than 30 other Olympic sports. Most members of the current USA Shooting Team are active hunters and anglers, blending a passion for the outdoors with winning on the world stage.

Sponsors for NHF Day 2010 includes Wonders of Wildlife, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Bass Pro Shops, Smith & Wesson, Sportsman Channel, Realtree, Cabela’s,, Yamaha, Pope and Young Club, Izaak Walton League of America and Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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