Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine

Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine Model 4595TS shown with optional $24.99 (MSRP) folding hand grip.

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    1. The HiPoint 4595 shoots a 230gr FMJ or hollow point at a much faster velocity than a 191 pistol. At 75 yards it has the same velocity and penetration as a 1911 pistol using the same round at 7 yards. I use my 4595 to deer hunt when I know my furthest shot won’t be more than 100 yards.

    2. The 4595 HiPoint carbine pushes a 230gr FMJ much faster than a 1911 pistol, having the same speed and penetration at 75 yards as a 1911 pistol doesatv7 yards. I use my [email protected] for deer hunting in areas where I know I won’t have a shot further than 100 yards.

    3. does anyone know if the 45 acp round being fired out of the 4595 carbine is faster or slower than from a 1911? also, has anyone tested to see what the speed was of the carbine when bullet exits barrel? I need this info to determine if casting may require gas checks?

    4. I just recieved my Hi Point Carbine .45 acp yesterday and took it to the range. Right out of the box fired flawlessly. This is going to be one of my favorite firearms as its compact looks great and a lot of fun to shoot. I really am inpressed at the quality of this Carbine for the money. It is awesome and for hi point haters i say try the carbine and you will see for yourself that these are sweet units. The only modifications im going to do is to put a red/gren dot laser scope on it and i am going to put a carbine muzzle on it.

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