Hi-Point’s Response to Chicago Banning Hi Point Firearms by Name

Hi-Point’s Response to Chicago Banning Hi Point Firearms by Name


Dayton, OH, –(Ammoland.com)- As was widely reported several weeks ago, on June 28, 2010, the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling in the case of McDonald v. Chicago.

While the decision is long, in general, it represents a tremendous victory for individual gun rights since it applied the Second Amendment’s protections as described in District of Columbia v. Heller (which only applied federally) to states and local municipalities.

In response to McDonald, the City of Chicago recently issued new rules that set forth a so-called system to register firearms within the City. These rules were issued in record speed after the Supreme Court’s ruling against the City in a transparent attempt to avoid a ruling of the highest court in the country and to trample on the fundamental right of citizens to protect themselves with the firearms of their choosing.

Litigation has already been filed against the City of Chicago to have this new regulatory scheme declared unconstitutional. The case is called Benson, et al., v. the City of Chicago, et al., and it is pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division court under case number 1:10-cv-04184. If you value an individual’s gun and other rights, please follow and support this and other similar litigation.

As part of its new rules, the City also released a list of purportedly “unsafe” firearms that are not permitted to be registered within the City. MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms have reviewed this list, and unfortunately Hi-Point products have been included on this list because of, we believe, reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the safe operation of the guns.

There are several things that should be noted in response.

First, consider the source. Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago have gone out of their way to interfere with gun rights for years, and it would have been unreasonable to expect that they would change after the McDonald decision. Shame on this shameless politician and his attempt to keep our reliable and affordable firearms out of the hands of the citizens of Chicago.

Second, we are unaware of any proper scientific testing that was conducted by the City to support the inclusion of Hi-Point Firearms on the City’s list, and in fact, Hi-Point products have a long reputation of safety and reliability.

Hi-Point products have even been declared “not unsafe” by the State of California, and we all know how they feel about guns out there.

Third, MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms have unequivocally stood behind their products as being safe, reliable, and affordable for many years. Hi-Point Firearms are used for personal protection, recreation, target shooting, hunting, law enforcement, and other legal purposes every day, and the story of Hi-Point growing from its humble beginnings to become one of the firearms industry’s leading companies should be applauded as example of American manufacturing ability rather than baselessly attacked for political purposes.

Moreover, Hi-Point offers a lifetime warranty on its products that cannot be exceeded. If a Hi-Point brand firearm malfunctions for almost any reason, while extremely rare, it will be repaired and/or replaced as needed in order to ensure customer satisfaction. There is simply no way that we could have such a policy and stay in business unless the guns are made right the first time. That said, Chicago’s new anti-gun rules are numerous, and this list is just one of the more blatant parts of the City’s latest attacks all of our constitutional rights.

We thank you for your continuing interest in our products as we explore our options for responding to yet another attack on a proud American industry and the individual rights of this country’s citizens.

Click here for a complete list of guns not approved by Chicago

Hi-Point never makes you choose between reliability and affordability. Our quality control measures are second to none. Each Hi-Point firearm is test fired prior to shipment to ensure proper and safe functioning. The result is high customer satisfaction, and one of the lowest return or repair rates in the industry. Visit: www.hi-pointfirearms.com

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damn right like the sherman tank or the slice of communist cheese the t 34 lol semper fi to the Constitution and my fellow sisters and brothers


I have three hi points. A .45, 9mm pistol and a 9mm carbine. All three have performed flawlessly for years. They are ugly and they are heavy and they do exactly what they're supposed to do. They are affordable and that's what the politicians are afraid of. If they weren't dishonest assholes they wouldn't need to be afraid now, would they?


Chicago thinks that because Hi-points are inexpensive gangs and other criminals will flock to that brand. The truth is that criminals will get any type of firearm they want and not go through the channels that are currently set up. Chicago is so ignorant of their own territory that they scramble to pass laws that they think the general public wants to hear to get voted back into office. I live in a suburb of Chicago, but it is not just that city, the rest of the state is going down the tubes in regards to the 2nd Amendment. That… Read more »

joe jack

Chicago doesn't like poor people..

Stuart Nuss

Chicago LOVES poor people. That is why they create so many.


HiPoint Firearms are reliable and inexpensive.

Chicago obviously does not want poor people to be able to protect themselves.


while i am not particularly a fan of hi point pistols they have a right to make and sell their product to qualified, law abiding citizens, who have an equal right to choose to buy their guns. these local and state "firearms safety lists" are simply an attempt by anti-gun politicians to drive as many guns out of the market as possible, and drive up the price of those that remain to a level that makes them unaffordable to the average buyer.

Sam Shock

If California and D.C. can refuse to register a handgun only because the color is different from an "approved" model, should we expect Chicago to be any more reasonable?