Impromptu Restore The Constitution Pistols Only Dry Run

Impromptu Restore The Constitution Pistols Only Dry Run

Impromptu Restore The Constitution
Impromptu Restore The Constitution Pistols Only Dry Run
Restore The Constitution
Restore The Constitution

Atlanta, GA –-( Recently, a few other Atlanta area RTC'ers and I found time to do a little impromptu “min-RTC” or “dry run” at Little Five Points, Atlanta, the site for the upcoming 30 October rally.

This was put together by phone with literally two hours notice, and the purpose was simply to begin preparing for the eventual rally that will be larger in size and include slung rifles and more signage.

As the above picture shows, the Little Five Points location has a lot of foot traffic with what could be described as a “walking street.”

We did all this with no demonstration permit, and it's actually quite common for folks to set up shop right there on the street with banners, tables, flyers, etc.

It's not common to do so while open carrying.

In fact, carrying openly at “public gatherings” to include political rallies was illegal here in Georgia up until a month or so ago.

One of the local cops (I'm assuming from the mini-precinct) came out and talked to us for a bit, as did a few local civilians. All in all, interactions were positive and beneficial. Between now and October 30th, the plan is to do at least one more mini-RTC at Little Five Points, only with slung rifles. IMO, it's best to wade into these things rather than dive right in.

So it's not too difficult or complicated, is it? Research the laws, pick a spot, call a few friends, do a dry run, build toward a bigger gathering. And if you're in the Atlanta area, you now know that this can be done safely and without incident at Little Five. No reason not to come out the 30th.

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