Iowa Gun Owners Candidate Survey Program

Update – Iowa Gun Owners Candidate Survey Program

Iowa Gun Owners
Iowa Gun Owners

Iowa--( As we gear up for the Fall elections in Iowa the issue of the 2nd Amendment takes on a whole new focus.

Anti-gun politicians cross their fingers and are hoping that you forget their anti-gun votes which we’ve brought to your attention.

They are hoping that they bought you off this year with the watered down bill they passed during the 2010 session.

This is the bill that takes guns away from young Iowans, that makes it simple for Iowa vets to lose their guns for acknowledging mental stress, that requires you to get retrained for the rest of your life and more!

There are also a bunch of solidly pro-gun candidates out there, incumbents and challengers, that are hoping that the voters understand their views on the 2nd Amendment.

To better inform you, our members, about these various views Iowa Gun Owners has put together our 2010 Gun Rights Candidate Survey. This simple 8 question form allows us to get a fairly accurate idea of a candidate’s views on the 2nd Amendment.

The exciting news is that we’ve received pro-gun replies from almost all of the candidates that we expected to hear from.

Of course, the grabbers don’t return their surveys or they mark refused and mail them back. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you which ones did that later.

Right now though, there are still some candidates that have failed to return the Gun Rights Candidate Survey that need to. These are candidates that claim to be pro-gun, and likely many of them are, but we need to get the survey back from them.

Iowa Gun Owners recently re-mailed the surveys to those candidates that failed to return them to us.

Once the deadline has passed, we’ll inform you as to who has refused to complete the survey.

In the meantime, feel free to contact your incumbent representatives or the challenger that is vying for the honor of representing you and make sure that they’ve completed this important survey.

Almost every candidate will tell you that they are pro-gun. You saw that last legislative session when long time anti-gunners suddenly started to pretend to care about gun rights.

But for many candidates, this new found rhetoric is just smoke and mirrors, designed to confuse you and get them re-elected.

So if you are told by a candidate that they are pro-gun but that they have not returned the survey, remember that and urge them to do the survey.

We will let you know, in the next two weeks, the results of this candidate survey program so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you would like to help us cover the costs of this survey program please feel free to chip in $10, $20, or even $35.

Armed with your support and our survey results Iowa Gun Owners will make sure that our members, as well as thousands of other gun rights supporters across the state, know who truly supports gun rights and who just says they do.

Governor Branstad
Many of you will remember that in the week before the June 8 Primary, Iowa Gun Owners announced which of the gubernatorial candidates had replied to the 2010 Gun Rights Candidate Survey and which ones had not.

If you recall, Governor Branstad did not choose to complete the survey at that time.

We are pleased to announce that since the Primary, representatives from Iowa Gun Owners have met with Governor Branstad’s campaign and we recently received a signed survey from him!

The board of Iowa Gun Owners would like to thank those of you who contacted the campaign and urged Governor Branstad to complete this important survey. Your calls and emails worked!

We will hang on to the results of this survey while we survey Governor Culver. Once we have a reply from that survey we will inform you of the results.

If you are a Republican, keep this in mind when talking to those Republican candidates who are running for State Senate and State Representative.

The signed survey from Gov. Branstad and the recent addition of a REAL Right-to-Carry plank to the GOP platform are positive signs in the fight to restore the 2nd Amendment to Iowans and any GOP candidate should have no problem signing this survey.

As a reminder, Iowa Gun Owners is truly a non-partisan organization. We will happily report the results of Governor Culver’s survey when we have something to report.

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