Jessie Abbate takes Steel Master Title at Steel Challenge

Jessie Abbate takes Steel Master Title at Steel Challenge

Jessie Abbate
Abbate won the Lady's Open Rimfire title as well as the Lady's Steel Master title
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Piru, CA –-( Smith and Wesson shooter Jessie Abbate won the Lady’s Steel Master title at the World Speed Shooting Championships in Piru, California this past weekend.

Abbate won the Lady’s Open Rimfire and the Lady’s Open competition on her way to the Steel Master title.

The Steel Master title is calculated using an aggregate of the Rimfire, Limited, and Open events. This marks Abbate’s 12th title of the shooting season.

Abbate overcame a disappointing second place finish in the Limited event to come back strong in the Lady’s Open competition.

“My training was as good as ever prior to coming to the event this year,” said Abbate. “But I was not able to get myself on track until I was halfway through the Limited event. After that, I settled in and was fine.” Abbate also credits her newly acquired sponsors – Smith and Wesson, Leupold, and Hornady with providing her with the needed support to train for the match.

“I am so excited to be a part of the Smith and Wesson, Leupold, and Hornady shooting teams,” said Abbate. “If you look at the shooters on those teams, I am in the company of the best shooters in the world.”

Abbate points to her training regimen, which includes strenuous physical workout routines, as a big part of her success. “I try to keep my training varied, exciting, and full of challenges,” said Abbate. “It is difficult to keep the same training routine. I have to find alternative training methods in order to keep it fresh.”

Abbate uses a combination of various workout programs and a strict adherence to those routines to fight off the grueling challenges of a multi-day match – and a long shooting season. She begins her shooting season in February and usually competes at her last match in late October. This year, she has an additional obligation.

Abbate signed an agreement to be a part of an NRA sponsored television show this year. She is the co-host of a program that visits the NRA convention in Charlotte; goes to Washington, D.C., stops in at NRA headquarters and the National Firearms Museum; takes NRA members on hunts; and becomes part of a Wounded Warrior event. Abbate, as a co-host, plays a key role on the show and the preliminary indications project the show as a big hit.

The show will air, in 2011, on the Outdoor Channel.