Laser Pistols To Replace Air Guns At London 2012 – WTF?

Laser Pistols To Replace Air Guns At London 2012 – WTF?
By Lee Min Kok

2010 Youth Olympic Games
2010 Youth Olympic Games

London – -( Laser guns have shot their way into the modern pentathlon competition at the 2012 Olympics.

The technology was showcased at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), replacing the standard pellet-firing air pistols for the first time in the sport’s history.

Said Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) president Klaus Schormann: “We will have laser shooting for the London Games. Based on this new technology, all countries in the world can compete in our sport.”

Although Dr Schormann declined to give figures, he said that the cost of shooting would be cut by two-thirds.

He was also adamant that the introduction of laser guns will herald a new dawn, saying: “We can hold competitions in parks and even shopping malls. Safety issues will no longer be a big concern.

“We spoke to a few of the female athletes after their competition (on Saturday) and not one of them had a bad thing to say about the guns.”

Said YOG girls’ champion Leydi Laura Moya Lopez of Cuba: “It’s already easier in a way because it’s lighter.” (ASSN: They should consider replace the metal in weight lifting with plastic dumbbells)

It marks the second major change made since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The sport had already combined its two final events – running and shooting – into a single run/shoot finale.

Kim Dae Beom, 18, triumphed in yesterday’s final to become Asia’s first Olympic medallist in the sport. “I can’t believe this. It is really a gift from the heavens,” he said, after finishing well ahead of silver medallist Ilya Shugarov of Russia.

He had trouble getting used to the gun. (ASSN: if he can’t Shoot a Gun what is he competing for?)

Said the South Korean, who had practised with his new weapon only a few days before the competition: “The shooting was faster and I got nervous.”

However, he is also convinced that the future of the sport lies in the laser guns.

This is total BS and is not true to the sport of shooting, playing laser tag with targets has nothing to do with shooting ability and the use of firearms, this is a perfect example of Political Correctness gone wild at the expense of shooting sports: USA Shooting should boycott these entire Olympic games…

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11 years ago

"…practiced with his new weapon…"


Will there be a move to reclassify laser pointers now?

Next up, a crew served flashlight.