Jackson County WI An Opportunity for Firearms Freedom Monday August 16

Jackson County WI An Opportunity for Firearms Freedom Monday August 16

Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- In June we sent an email regarding the Jackson County DA’s decision, in light of the landmark McDonald V.

Chicago ruling at the U.S. Supreme Court which found the right to keep and bear arms a fundamental individual right which applies to the states, not to prosecute otherwise law-abiding citizens who police arrest for many of Wisconsin’s unconstitutional gun laws including vehicle transport restrictions and conceal carry prohibitions.

Here is a copy of that memo: https://tiny.cc/7zvbj

The District Attorney is an elected position which has the authority to decide which cases it will or won’t pursue charges against.

It now appears there may be an attempt by other entities within Jackson County government to step in and try to enforce these unconstitutional laws against law-abiding citizens which District Attorney Fox has wisely, in respect to the constitution, declined to.

In the following article, Jackson County Corporate Counsel Mark Skolos is seeking to take over prosecution of conceal carry charges against otherwise law-abiding citizens since elected District Attorney Fox won’t.

Mark Skolos has indicated he would seek approval of the Jackson County board before moving forward.



Join many Wisconsin Carry members and other freedom minded Wisconsinites at the next Jackson County Board meeting.

When: MONDAY AUGUST 16th 5:30 PM
Where: Jackson County Court House – 307 Main Street, Black River Falls, – 2nd floor – county board room.

Let these elected officials know that the people who elect them do not want the County’s attorney stepping in and prosecuting these unconstitutional laws which the County District Attorney the people of Jackson County elected has rightly chosen not to.

For details and discussion visit: https://tiny.cc/r64h0

(note the discussion forums on opencarry.org are not the domain of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. we just participate in the discussion there)

In addition here are some letters to the Jackson County Chronicle where other residents ask the county board not to step in and enforce these unconstitutional laws which the elected DA isn’t.

  • https://www.jacksoncountychronicle.com/articles/2010/08/11/opinion/02let.txt
  • https://www.jacksoncountychronicle.com/articles/2010/08/11/opinion/01let.txt

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Carry On,
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