SunBuster’s Piatt Wins Top LE Officer Limited Scope Division at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

SunBuster’s Piatt Wins Top LE Officer Limited Scope Division at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

Shooter Bruce Piatt
World Champion Shooter, Bruce Piatt

FARMINGDALE, NY –-( The NRA Whittington Center provided the scenic backdrop for the JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship recently held in Raton, New Mexico.

With a field of 170 fellow Law Enforcement officers to compete against, World Champion shooter, Bruce Piatt won the Top Law Enforcement Officer Limited Scope Division for the second time.

Some of the nine stages, which were timed out at four minutes, included 20 long range rifle targets and 40 steel and paper targets set out 150 to 600 yards. While the weather was a cool and comfortable 80 degrees, with intermittent thunderstorms, it was the 6,000 foot elevation that challenged competitors breathing and affected the trajectory of the ammunition, as the flight of the bullet does not drop as much at higher elevations.

Piatt commented, “As an accuracy shooter, I really enjoy long range rifle shots and at this match, some were out to 600 yards making them very challenging. Overall the match was physically demanding, with many of the stages set amongst the cliffs of New Mexico’s mountainside. Because some of the targets were set up near trees and under the shadows of the tree canopy, wearing my SunBuster clear lenses made the difference in locating the targets more easily, while those that were out in the open, I wore my Crimson Brown lenses because they diminish the intense bright sunlight.”

Steve Asman, SunBuster’s president said, “It’s no surprise that Bruce’s success as a multi-disciplined shooter continues to earn him the top slot amongst his peers. He’s a terrific competitor who brings so much to the sport that we’re glad he’s a part of the SunBuster story. Bruce’s competition season continues with the USPSA Multi-gun Nationals and the World NRA Action Pistol match, so it’s not over yet and we wish him well.”

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