Tenpoint Crossbow Pre-Hunting Season Maintenance Guide

Tenpoint Crossbow Pre-Hunting Season Maintenance Guide

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Tenpoint Turbo XLT Crossbow
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TenPoint Crossbows

SUFFIELD, OH – -(Ammoland.com)- When doing pre-season maintenance, thoroughly check for warn, looses, damaged, or missing parts every time you use your crossbow. Use the following as a guide to maintaining your crossbow.

1. Replace frayed or worn strings, cables and/or ACUdraw/ACUdraw 50 cords prior to shooting or using. Also look carefully at the center serving on the string. If the current string was improperly installed (without the required amount of twists) the serving may separate and the actual bow string may be exposed which could cause the string to break when the crossbow is fired.

2. Crossbows that are frequently used should have the string, cables, and ACUdraw cord replaced every year or every other year. If the crossbow is only used occasionally, the string, cables, and ACUdraw cord should be replaced every three to four years. Change the string and cables at the same time since they will all stretch over time, decreasing the crossbows performance. And yes, the steel cables found on a few of the models will also need to be changed since they actually will stretch more than the synthetic cables.

3. Lubricate the rail, also known as the barrel, every 75-100 shots when using a light oil or every 150-200 shots when using Microlon’s Precision Oiler. Add one small drop to each side of the rail and rub in completely. Don’t use a vaseline-like substance or wax on the rail or in the trigger box. The vaseline will only collect dirt and debris, deposit it in the trigger box, and eventually keep the bow from cocking altogether. Too much lube will saturate the string’s serving and break it down making it gummy.

4. Also lubricate the PowerTouch trigger box, adding one small drop of a light oil or Microlon’s Precision Oiler to the Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI), inside the trigger slot, and both sides of the safety slide. Lightly lubricate the RollerTouch triggers’ safety plunger, DFI, and string slot. Failure to periodically lubricate the trigger box will usually result in a rusted or bound-up trigger mechanism.

5. Wax the length of the crossbow string (except for the serving) and the cables every 75-100 shots and burnish (rub it in quickly, creating heat) it in with your fingers. Don’t wax the plastic coated steel cables. Lightly wax and burnish the entire length of the ACUdraw cord (if installed) at the same time.

6. Make sure screws haven’t worked their way loose through vibration. Check tightness of the foot stirrup setscrews, main assembly bolt and setscrew (loosen the setscrew before trying to tighten the main assembly bolt), stock screws, barrel screws, etc. Don’t over-tighten the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cover screws, doing so will bind the unit and possibly crack the covers – cover screws should be just over hand-tight.

7. Change the scope battery if you have an illuminated scope. The battery is a lithium 2032 and can be purchased in most grocery, hardware, or electronics stores. The scope battery is located underneath the brightness knob. Remove the battery cover by rotating the thin knurled outer edge counter-clockwise, while holding the thicker section of the brightness knob firmly between your fingers. Replace the battery and screw the battery cover on, clock-wise, to re-install.

8. Inspect all accessories, including arrows, for damaged, missing, and loose parts. Repair or replace those parts before the season starts so you don’t get caught in the woods without the proper accessories.

Spending an hour or less on this list during pre-season will make it less likely for you to have to take time out of your hunting season for routine repairs that could have been taken care of earlier!

Visit www.tenpointcrossbows.com for more information.

2009 TenPoint Crossbow Owners Manual

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Excellent advice for all crossbows. Thank You


Thank you for excellent advise for all of us that use crossbows and for all tools that need maintaince