Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition

Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition

Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition
Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition
Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat

Berryville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- As makers of the finest custom firearms and accessories for over 30 years we have learned a few things about quality ammunition along the way.

On the test fire and competition range Bill Wilson and the staff of Wilson Combat have fired millions of rounds of test ammunition through our custom guns from every manufacturer.

After years of testing and load development, we have applied this knowledge and have engineered a comprehensive lineup of exceptional defensive, hunting, and practice ammunition, designed and tested in our world-renowned custom firearms.

Great ammunition isn’t just about the highest velocity claims or splashy marketing-it is about matching properly designed bullets to the appropriate caliber with painstaking precision. We have assembled ultra-reliable ammunition with excellent shooting characteristics, match grade accuracy and outstanding terminal performance that you can confidently stake your life on. We are confident that Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition is defensive and hunting ammunition without peer in the ammunition industry.

Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition Features

  • The highest quality, USA made brass cases, bullets and other components
  • Clean burning, Low-flash powders for preserved night vision and reduced firearm maintenance
  • Rigid taper crimping and post-manufacture tumble polishing enhance feed reliability and extraction
  • Operating pressures tailored for different firearm barrel lengths
  • Enhanced velocity loadings tailored to appropriate bullet construction for controlled expansion and deep penetration tested in real firearms, not test barrels
  • 100% Produced and rigorously “white glove” hand-inspected at our facility in Berryville, AR

Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition has been thoroughly evaluated for unsurpassed feed reliability, match grade accuracy, low flash and superior terminal performance.

Wilson Combat Custom is the ideal high-performance ammunition for your fine firearms for sport or defense. It sets the new standard for relentless reliability and Peerless Performance.

“I’ve been reloading ammunition since 1966 and over the years feel like I have become a knowledgeable and experienced handloader. Over the years I have handloaded over a million rounds for my own use plinking, hunting, self-protection and competition shooting. By producing and shooting this volume of ammunition I’ve learned how to develop maximum performance loads for a variety of uses. I’m using this knowledge and experience now to develop high performance loads for the new Wilson Combat line of self-defense and competition ammunition. I think you will find this ammunition to be very accurate, reliable and to deliver Peerless Performance.” – Bill Wilson

Wilson Combat Custom HandLoaded Ammunition
Wilson Combat Custom HandLoaded Quality Ammunition
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Wilson Combat

At Wilson Combat we’re proud of our position as the acknowledged leader in customer satisfaction and quality products. We work hard to maintain the reputation we’ve built over almost thirty years, and continue to invest in the human resources, training, capital equipment, research and development to stay on top. We have added new leadership personnel in engineering, manufacturing management, materials, research, design, operations, and business development. One of our goals is to be a little better every single day, and we work hard to meet that goal.

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11 years ago

when will you post cost & type?