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Honeoye Falls, NY –( It would seem that the news is growing each month. This month we’re featuring more videos including them both in the Training Tips section as well as a supplement to the Direct from DirectAction columns.

In addition, we’re including several new products that are really exciting, and links to a few videos there as well.

Featured Products
Our featured product for the month is the Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safely Selector (otherwise known as a BAD-ASS). This has been a very well received product on our site, and is one of the few parts I plan to put on each and every one of my ARs (others include the BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle and PWS compensators, both to be discussed in more detail on a future writeup).

Also, next month look for gear from Bravo Company in this update. These guys have been producing a great product for many years, and you can’t go anywhere these days to train and not run into a number of BCM rifles used by people who know their ARs and could have any rifle they want.

TNVC Giveaway
Last but not least, for those that have not heard, our good friends at TNVC are giving away a new factory-built ITT PVS-14 Night Enforcer. For those not familiar with it, The PVS-14 is the standard issue night vision monocular for U.S. Military Forces. These are expensive items valued at $3,795.00 (MSRP). If you have spent any time in the ARFCOM Night Vision Forum, you know that the PVS-14 is the most sought-after night vision device on the market. The ITT PVS-14 Night Enforcer is a Gen3 PINNACLE Autogated night vision device is also the best night vision monocular on the market. These tubes are the best of the best and represent the latest advancement in image intensifier technology.

All you need to do to be entered in this giveaway is be a Team Member and click on the TNVC ad. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, October 29, 2010. It’s that simple! One lucky winner will receive a brand new, factory-built PVS-14 Night Enforcer Gen3 PINNACLE © Autogated Gen3 Night Vision Monocular and twenty additional winners will receive TNVC embroidered patches.

Special thanks to TNVC, one of the premier night vision dealers in the industry, for sponsoring this contest and donating the prize. So if you have been lusting after a PVS-14 but haven’t been able to scrape up the dough to purchase one, now is your chance to win it! Contest Rules

Recent Site Updates
Recently we created a new search engine for the site, a very long overdue and highly requested tool. This month, we’ll talk a little about it and some of the extra features which many of you may not be familiar with (or even aware of).

The basic search functions still focus on keyword and user searching, but have been expanded to provide more options. For example, a keyword search is no longer limited to phrases. With a drop down box, located under the keyword field, you can select the search to focus on a PHRASE (combination of all words), or search for ALL (each keyword is found) or ANY (any keyword is found) keywords. In addition you can now search through the body of posts and not just subjects. In user searches, you can enter the username and search for topic authors or replies by that specific user. User searching can be combined with keyword searching to create a very specific result set.

We’ve also extended other existing options and added new sorting and display choices. The date range allows you to search on a few date ranges with a newer/older option to ensure you find what you need when your mind can’t remember specifics. The addition of sorting options now allow you to get your results displayed how you prefer them, be it by the author’s name, the number of replies (most popular first), or when the posts were created. To finalize the display options, you now have the ability to see the results as either a list of topics, which has been the standard for years, or to view them as posts. The post option provides you with a short summary of the specific thread which matched your keyword search. This means if you search for a specific keyword, you will see all the resulting posts, regardless if they were topics or replies, where those keywords were found. In addition, each resulting summary will have a link directly to that post, regardless of it’s location in a discussion thread.

A pair of extras were added for Gold+ Team Members. Keyword highlighting within threads jumped to from the search is now available. This makes finding your searched keywords much quicker! Auto-completion of usernames was also added to make it easier to find the user’s name for those searches when you are looking for a long or complicated name. As an optional reference, the auto-completed names are shown to the right of the user box to be used if you desire.

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