Caron Forensics Introduces RAD An Innovative Weapons Storage System

Caron Forensics Introduces Rapid Access Defense Weapons Storage An Innovative Weapons Storage System

Caron Forensics Rapid Access Defense Weapons Storage RAD2
Caron Forensics Rapid Access Defense Weapons Storage RAD2
Caron Forensics
Caron Forensics

Marietta, OH, –-( Caron Forensics introduces Rapid Access Defense (RAD), the newest and most innovative product on the market for weapons storage. RAD is specifically designed for the storage and fast presentation of defensive weapons in a wide range of home and office environments.

RAD comes in two sizes: a two foot model, RAD2, and a four foot model, RAD4. They can be surface mounted horizontally or vertically, ideally in a concealed location, such as a bedroom closet, home or business office or your family’s emergency meeting place. RAD is the solution to store tactical defense weapons safely away from both children and thieves, while still providing quick access to the user.

Caron Forensics Rapid Access Defense Weapons Storage RAD4
Caron Forensics Rapid Access Defense Weapons Storage RAD4

Weapons are stored by means of specially designed accessories that clip to the twin rails inside RAD. You can mount a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, knives, flashlights and other weapons in stealthy yet efficiently positioned locations. The design allows you to customize RAD with infinite combinations and positioning of accessories along the rails.

“RAD is ideal for both experienced and new gun owners who want a fast, economical way to secure their home defense handguns, shotguns or rifles,” said Caron Chairman Steve Keiser.

“Because they are easily mounted on a wall almost anywhere in your home or business, they are a far more attractive and practical alternative to large, heavy safes or small single-handgun boxes.”

The cabinet includes a strong key-lock latch to keep unauthorized persons out. Matching keys are available for owners who want to position multiple RADs around the house. A unique gas spring deployment system opens the cabinet with a short pull, enabling the use of both hands to quickly access multiple tactical items.

“In an emergency, users will appreciate that they can immediately get to their handguns and other weapons of choice from positions and orientations they have chosen and practiced ahead of time,” Keiser said.

“We recognize that in home defense situations, people typically arm themselves with more than just a pistol. They also grab a flashlight, a cell phone and perhaps a knife or pepper spray. The RAD system is designed for that type of scenario.”

The robust cabinet is fabricated of powder coated steel. Accessories designed to hold weapons (such as the magnetic clip) have a protective plastic or foam coating.

The RAD2 comes standard with a handgun holder, a flashlight/pepper spray holder and a magnetic clip. A pair of rifle/shotgun hooks, a flashlight/pepper spray holder and a magnetic clip comes standard with the RAD4. Additional accessories include a small shelf (ideal for ammo) and two styles of holster clips. The bottom lip of the cabinets is designed to hold rifle and pistol magazines, shotgun shells, speed loaders, moon clips and other items.

The RAD system is designed for the home defense market, and is currently undergoing evaluation by law enforcement agencies to determine if there are further applications, including home cabinets for LE personnel, SWAT team use and to hold additional weapons and ammo in the trunks of police cruisers.

Addressing the need for an improved weapons storage method for new gun owners and veteran gun owners alike, RAD is unlike any other product on the market. Caron Forensics intends to sell the RAD systems, along with its fingerprint development products, directly through its new website, To learn more about RAD or to buy them online directly from Caron, visit the website.

About Caron Forensics:
Caron Forensics, part of Ohio-based laboratory equipment maker Caron Products & Services, is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech Fingerprint Chambers, used by federal, state and local forensics labs and law enforcement agencies to rapidly process latent fingerprints using the Ninhydrin and DFO techniques. The RAD systems are made in Marietta, Ohio.

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Ric Fondren

I have looked all over to try to buy one but can not get price or place to buy and I feel that they are going to be out of my price range. I love the concept because I am elderly and this would be a great solution for my defense as being old makes you a target.