Caron Gun Storage Solutions Introduces New Website

Caron Gun Storage Solutions Introduces New Website

Caron Forensics
Caron Forensics
Caron Forensics
Caron Forensics

Marietta, OH –-( Caron is pleased to introduce a new website geared for our forensic customers but also handy for customers in need of gun storage solutions.

The website,, allows customers to shop online for Caron Forensics’ entire range of forensic products, including a Fingerprint Development Chamber, and our two new Rapid Access Defense (RAD) gun storage systems along with numerous accessories.

Caron Forensics launched the RAD product line in August and therefore decided to roll out a new website in conjunction with the new product introduction. The website allows customers to shop online, expanding on the quality and service customers have come to expect from Caron.

“The new site will enable police departments, crime labs and civilian gun owners to easily review and buy the best forensic products of their types on the market today,” said Caron Chairman Steve Keiser.

The site’s homepage welcomes visitors with a fresh design and visually represents Caron Forensics’ three major markets: Forensic Laboratories, Police Departments and Home Security, with products crossing over all three markets.

The online shopping experience on Caron Forensics is effortless, allowing the customer to easily navigate the website. The shopping cart features a running total on the top of the website to allow customers to visually see purchase totals as they shop.

In addition to the shopping cart, Caron Forensics plans to include rich content to aid customers with their product application, Caron Forensic and industry related news stories, direct access to literature, manuals, videos and much more.

Caron was led to introduce additional forensic products in part due to the success of the Fingerprint Development Chambers, used by federal, state and local forensics laboratories and law enforcement agencies. Caron’s latest product introduction, RAD, is the result of a recognized need for an improved weapons storage method for gun owners.

“We are delighted to introduce the RAD systems, which fill a need for home security and high efficient access to defensive weapons without the need for a massive floor safe,” Keiser said. “These products are attractive to new gun owners, experienced gun enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals.”

RAD systems are designed to enable you to position defensive weapons in locations within your home, business or agency in a way that you can safely secure them, yet gain access to them quickly in the event of an incident requiring self defense. RAD comes in two sizes: RAD2, a two foot system, and RAD4, a four foot system.

RAD is undergoing evaluation by law enforcement agencies to determine further applications, including home defense for Law Enforcement personnel, SWAT team use and to hold additional weapons and ammo in the trunks of police cruisers.

The RAD systems, along with the fingerprint development products and many accessories are available directly through the new website. To learn more, visit

Caron Gun Storage Solutions
Caron Gun Storage Solutions RAD 4

About Caron:
Caron Products & Services, Inc. is a Marietta, Ohio based manufacturer of environmental chambers for temperature and RH exposure testing; photostability chambers to conform to ICH Guidelines Q1B; Benchtop and Reach-in CO2 incubators for small to large scale, high volume cell culture; forensics, law enforcement and home defense products; and baths/circulators for precise temperature control of laboratory devices. For more information on Caron, visit our website at, contact us at 800-648-3042, fax 740-374-3760, or e-mail [email protected]