Coastal Black Bear Hunting – A Do It Yourself Guide

Coastal Black Bear Hunting – A Do It Yourself Guide
Diizche Safari Adventures Announces New Book for Big-Game Hunters by Shawn Christopher Joyce.

Coastal Black Bear Hunting
Coastal Black Bear Hunting - A Do It Yourself Guide
Diizche Safari Adventures
Diizche Safari Adventures

LINCOLN, CA –-( Diizche Safari Adventures is proud to announce they just released a new book on September 7, 2010 that will be of interest to big-game hunters.

Coastal Black Bear Hunting: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska is intended for those planning a big- game hunting trip, particularly those planning a self- guided black bear hunting trip to Alaska.

This book guides the readers through planning, preparing for, and carrying out a self-guided black bear hunt on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Much of the information, of course, would be relevant to other big-game hunts as well. The wealth of information provided in the body of the book is nicely supplemented by easy-to-use appendices and a bibliography. You will learn all aspects of executing your hunt from pre-planning until you return home.

The book, written by Shawn Christopher Joyce, has been well received by some familiar names in the business, including Massad Ayoob, Craig Boddington, and Mark Sullivan.

This is some of what they have to say:

“A tour de force that not only makes you wish you were there with him, but makes you feel as if you are. His book isn’t just about how to ruin a bruin…it’s the consumer’s guide to a hunt of a lifetime that you’ll always be proud of having arranged and carried out yourself.” Massad Ayoob Internationally Renowned Author, Firearms and Self-Defense Expert

“Bear hunting has been one of my favorite North American hunts for more than 40 years now. Shawn Joyce’s book is accurate and thorough, packed with great tips that will help any bear hunter–or any do- it-yourself hunter–anywhere. As for Prince of Wales Island, well, that’s one of the places I haven’t yet had a chance to hunt. After reading his book, I am now fully prepared!” Craig Boddington Executive Field Editor InterMedia Outdoors

“Hunting the great bears of Alaska is something I have personally had the privilege to enjoy… Shawn Joyce`s book, Coastal Black Bear Hunting, is a must read… It was written by a hunter—for a hunter. Shawn`s book is clear and concise. This book takes you through the entire process, step by step, and in a way that captures the hunter spirit in each of us and makes us want to be the Big Bwana. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice, you will come away with many useful tips. Mark Sullivan Owner of Nitro Express Safaris–Tanzania Professional Hunter, Internationally Renowned Author

For many, the idea of hunting dangerous game in Alaska is a dream they hope to someday experience. Self-guided hunts are not just for hunters interested in saving money. Hunts of this nature are also for those seeking adventure, self-reliance, flexibility, and affirmation of their capabilities. Those who can afford to hunt with a guide often prefer to challenge themselves and accomplish the hunt on their own. Some of this information will also prove to be helpful to those who may prefer to utilize a guide. This book has information that will be useful to both rifle and archery hunters.

This is only available in trade hardcover edition US $29.95-Shipping is included in the contiguous United States. The book is autographed when ordered through the Diizche Safari Adventures website. To order this book and other products from Diizche Safari Adventures, go to

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