Federal Premium Adds Swift A-Frame to Vital-Shok Handgun Ammunition Line

Federal Premium Adds Swift A-Frame to Vital-Shok Handgun Ammunition Line

Federal Premium Swift A-Frame Vital-Shok Handgun Ammunition
Federal Premium Swift A-Frame Vital-Shok Handgun Ammunition

ANOKA, Minn. –-(Ammoland.com)- Federal’s handgun hunting lineup is known for great performance and excellent bullet options.

The Swift A-Frame’s tough construction and outstanding results in the field help round out the Vital-Shok handgun line.

Federal Premium adds the Swift A-Frame to its Vital-Shok handgun hunting ammunition line. The proven A-Frame gives hunters another bullet option sure to hold up in a variety of big game hunting situations. On sale now.

Tough construction
Handgun hunters know the Swift A-Frame for its toughness. Its bonding process ensures the jacket and core will hold together to get great penetration and ideal weight retention. This translates to great stopping power on big game.

“The A-Frame is a great addition to our handgun hunting lineup,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “It has a reputation, and a proven track record, as a first-class bullet. It will give hunters another great option for their favorite handgun.”

The A-Frame gets controlled expansion on impact. And this bonded-lead hollow point will be available in popular handgun hunting calibers from .357 Mag to .500 S&W. On store shelves now.

Part No. and Description

  • P357SA .357 Magnum 180-grain Swift A-Frame 1130 fps
  • P41SA .41 Rem. Magnum 210-grain Swift A-Frame 1270 fps
  • P44SA .44 Rem. Magnum 280-grain Swift A-Frame 1170 fps
  • P454SA .454 Casull 300-grain Swift A-Frame 1520 fps
  • P460SA .460 S&W 300-grain Swift A-Frame 1750 fps
  • P500SA .500 S&W 325-grain Swift A-Frame 1800 fps

For more information on the new Vital-Shok A-Frame offerings, and the entire Federal Premium line, visit www.federalpremium.com.

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Lowell Kuck

My question is in regards to the 357 mag 180 grain Swift A-Frame. I frequently visit my son in Brainerd, who has purchased land for hunting and future building. There is a problem bear that is determined to stay very close when we are there. My son has a nuisance permit to take the bear if it is threatening. I carry a 357 mag when I am there. It is what I have and do not plan on purchasing a larger caliber handgun. Will this ammunition take a big black bear? I don’t want a false sense of security and… Read more »