Hunters Contribute Billions To Conservation Efforts – Animal Rights Groups Zero

Hunters Contribute Billions To Conservation Efforts – Animal Rights Groups Zero
Hunters nationwide have contributed more than $6.4 billion dollars to wildlife conservation efforts.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia Department of Natural Resources

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. –-( The largest, most successful wildlife conservation program in the world, the Federal Wildlife Restoration Program, is fueled by hunters.

Over the past 70 years, hunters nationwide have contributed more than $6.4 billion dollars to wildlife conservation efforts. In Georgia alone, since 1939, hunters have contributed more than $137 million for wildlife conservation in Georgia.

“The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program is the most successful wildlife conservation program in the world and serves as a financial cornerstone to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. It benefits all wildlife species, conserves and restores habitat and helps enhance wildlife conservation through research,” said John W. Bowers, Wildlife Resources Division Game Management assistant chief.

“Through this program, America’s hunters continue to provide the most substantial source of funding for wildlife conservation and management in the United States.”

The program was established through the Pittman-Robertson Act in 1937. Through lobbying efforts in Congress, America’s hunters created this act as a way to fund conservation and management of the nation’s wildlife. Wildlife Restoration funds are accumulated from excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment. This excise tax is levied at the manufacturer’s level, collected by the Federal government, and distributed to state wildlife agencies to fund wildlife conservation and management programs. The amount of money each state agency annually receives is determined by the number of paid hunting licenses and the land area of the state.

The Wildlife Resources Division uses Wildlife Restoration funds for various types of programs, including restoring habitat and improving wildlife populations, conducting research, monitoring wildlife populations, operating more than one million acres of wildlife management areas that benefit a diversity of wildlife species and provide wildlife-related recreational opportunities, providing information to landowners on how to manage their property for various species, conducting hunter education classes and building and maintaining public shooting ranges.

For more information on the Federal Wildlife Restoration Program, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website at . For more information on wildlife management practices in Georgia, visit the Wildlife Resources Division website at , contact a local Game Management office or call (770) 918-6416.

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Ted law

Hunters and Sportsmen practice true conservation and that just aggravates the hell out the liberals preservationist, as represented by the comments here.

The reality is mother nature is a mean bitch and if it weren't for Hunters "Blasting the s**t out" of animals then mother nature would be starving, eating or wasting away these same populations through famine or disease.

Keep drinking your hippie vegan cool aid and we conservationist hunters will keep on doing all the heavy lifting, we don't need your help.


Of course they do! If they didn't, there may not be any wildlife left for them to stalk and murder. They wouldn't be able to get their perverted jollies from taking the life of an innocent, helpless creature, who has as much right to live as they do. In fact, from my point of view, the lives of those innocent creatures is more valuable than the lives of the warped individuals, who are too weak and ignorant to enjoy or participate in a real sport! Oh, I forgot, they eat everything they kill. Yes, they take it back to their… Read more »


Animal Rights people applaud all the things that 'Hunters' do to help the environment and habitats in the wild.

But we couple our applause with 1 request: Can you and would you EVER do all those things without a selfish interest? Can you do all those things without the intention to blast the living-s**t out of whatever it is you're supposedly helping? Can you not go into those woods, forests and lakes with a Camera instead of a Gun, Bow or Trap? Go there only with the intention to enjoy and leave unhurt?

Maybe that's too tough a request.


Sorry, am I missing something? Where is the part that shows that animal rights people, or non-hunters for that matter, contribute nothing to wildlife conservation? Thanks.