Hunter’s Specialties Introduces The New True Talker 2 Deer Call

Hunter’s Specialties Introduces The New True Talker 2 Deer Call

Hunter's Specialties
Hunter's Specialties

Cedar Rapids, IA –-( Hunter’s Specialties True Talker deer call has long been the standard for easily producing deer vocalizations.

From deep aggressive grunts, to doe and even fawn bleats, hunters have been able to make the calls necessary to bring deer into range for a shot.

Now for 2010 Hunter’s Specialties has introduced an even better version of the call.

Hunters Specialties True Talker 2 Deer Call
Hunter's Specialties True Talker 2 Deer Call

The True Talker 2 still allows hunters to make all the sounds in a deer’s vocabulary by changing finger pressure and position on the flexible membrane on the call.

It also can be easily taken apart and by moving the o-ring that holds the internal reed in place, hunters can make additional adjustments, changing the tone of the call.

The True Talker 2 is also more compact than the original, making it easier to fit into a pack or pocket.

It has a built-in lanyard that can be adjusted for wearing around your neck or attaching it to your arm to minimize movement when calling. Complete instructions are included.

The True Talker 2 sells for a suggested retail price of $ 19.99

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