Illinois State Rifle Association Awarded ‘Outstanding State Association’ by NRA

Illinois State Rifle Association brings home Outstanding State Association award from NRA

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( Your Illinois State Rifle Association has been named Outstanding State Association for 2009 by the National Rifle Association of America.

ISRA President Don Moran commented:

“This prestigious award is due to the hard work and dedication that continues to allow the ISRA to remain a preeminent leader in the fight for firearms rights across Illinois and the United States.”

Don Moran and ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson received this award last night, Friday, Sept 10, at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, on behalf of the ISRA, its members, officers and directors.

Upon receiving word earlier this year that the ISRA was a recipient of this award, Richard Pearson noted:

“This award also pays homage to the many dozens of volunteers who make ISRA’s shooting sports programs some of the best in the Nation, and even the world.

Your dedication to the sport has opened up countless shooting opportunities to a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

Your continued service will ensure that both competitive and recreational shooting remain one of the safest and most rewarding of America’s pastimes.”

Outstanding State Association by NRA
Illinois State Rifle Association Awarded 'Outstanding State Association' by NRA

ISRA needs your continued support in order to remain the strong defender of your right to keep and bears arms. McDonald v Chicago was not the end of the fight but the beginning. The ISRA continues the fight for your firearm rights here in Illinois, with additional federal litigation against the City of Chicago.

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