Announcing Larry Vickers Regional Endorsed Instructors And The Vickers Shooting Method

Announcing Larry Vickers Regional Endorsed Instructors And The Vickers Shooting Method

Vickers Tactical

Fayetteville, NC –-( I get requests on a weekly basis from new shooters that want to attend basic level pistol or carbine classes taught by me.

Unfortunately due to my busy schedule including TV filming as well as teaching various classes locally and around the USA I rarely teach basic classes regardless of the location.

This has created a dilemma as many of these potential students would love to attend my level 1 classes as well other specialty classes I offer but they have no means to do so. Until now.

After careful consideration I have decided to allow select prior students of mine to teach basic level pistol and carbine classes under the Vickers Shooting Method (VSM) banner. These students have demonstrated a firm grasp of the key marksmanship fundamentals and in fact all of them have attended multiple Vickers Tactical classes taught by me. Many of them are teaching classes already on a local level but this new program is designed to get them exposure from my website and direct new or basic level shooters to them in order to get these students up to speed and ready to take a level 1 class from me. Initially only a handful of regionally endorsed instructors will be authorized to use the VSM logo in their basic classes but I expect the program to grow as time goes on and more qualified candidates become available.

All of these individuals will adhere to the 3 basic principles that guide my unique marksmanship style;

  • Rule one; Know and adhere to the real world safety rules that govern professional firearms handling.
  • Rule two; Only accurate hits on target can decide the fight in your favor – therefore accuracy is King.
  • Rule three; You are accountable for every round you fire – squeeze the trigger as if your life depends on
    it because it does.

New shooters attending basic level classes with any of the regional instructors will come away with a firm grasp of these Vickers Shooting Method principles and be on track to apply them in the real world. This will set them up for success and be ready to take it to the next level when they attend a class taught by me.

To answer a variety of questions relating to this new program I have come up with a F.A.Q. list below;

1) What classes do the regional instructors teach? Most of them teach a variety of classes but the only classes that have the Vickers Shooting Method approval (VSM) are basic level pistol and basic level carbine. This means these classes will be taught using my unique guidelines and will prepare students for level 1 classes taught by me. Also if certificates are issued the VSM logo is authorized for use on the certificate.

2) Is a student required to attend a basic class before attending a level one class? Not necessarily. I currently allow students who have attended formal training from another source such as a Police academy or Military basic training to bypass the basic classes and come to a level 1 class.

In addition students who have attended training by other recognized instructors can qualify for level 1 training. Essentially this part of class pre reqs remains unchanged. The VSM regional endorsed instructor program is designed specifically for those shooters who have no formal training and want to learn the combat marksmanship fundamentals correctly, the first time. This is a perfect setup for a new CCW permit holder for instance. The Vickers Shooting Method has been proven successful at the highest level and is simple and easy to understand. The regional instructors can guide a new shooter thru the basics and get them on the right track, regardless if they decide to attend future training taught by me or not.

3) Are the Regionally endorsed instructors Vickers Tactical employees? No they are not. Vickers Tactical Inc. represents me and my products and classes – If a class has the Vickers Tactical name attached to it then that class is being taught by me- period. Only on select occasions will I have an assistant instructor helping and that will be primarily for safety reasons – all the instruction will be done by me. The Vickers Shooting Method name was put into use to identify the course as being designed and approved by me but not actually taught by me. It is also the students guarantee the course is being taught using my 3 unique marksmanship fundamentals.

4) What are the prices of the classes taught by the regionally endorsed instructors? Contact the instructor nearest to you regarding course structure and price but every effort has been made to keep the class price reasonable and consistant across the country.

5) How do I find out about classes in my area? Use the contact info for the regional instructor closest to you via this webpage to find out his schedule. In addition a special VSM regional endorsed instructor sub forum will go live shortly on

6) Will you ever teach any more basic classes? Only occasionally at ranges very close to my home near Ft Bragg, NC. My prices however will be at my normal class rates not at the reduced prices of the regional instructors. My intent is to fully support the regional instructors and the VSM program as this means I will have better and more competent students in my level 1 classes.

Expect the regional instructors to be competent shooters and conduct themselves in a professional manner. My guess is you will be very pleased with the training you receive. If you have any questions or comments, good or bad, please contact me direct via the contact info on

Always remember this program is designed for you, the shooter, and to provide you more opportunities to learn what I feel is the best way to master your fighting firearm. This approach has worked well for countless civilians, law enforcement and military personnel around the globe. And it now has a name – the Vickers Shooting Method.

Vickers Shooting Method
Vickers Shooting Method (VSM)

Regional Endorsed Instructors

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