Replica Tommy Gun Airsoft Guns at Pyramyd Air

Replica Tommy Gun Airsoft Guns at Pyramyd Air

Airsoft M1A1 Tommy Gun
Airsoft M1A1 Tommy Gun
Pyramyd Air
Pyramyd Air

Warrensville Heights, OH – -( Old classic guns often have very interesting stories to tell.

The rich history attached to them is enthralling and can be appreciated by hardcore and novice gun enthusiasts alike.

When discussing classic weapons with an interesting history, a groundbreaking gun affectionately dubbed the Tommy Gun is undoubtedly a weapon that deserves special attention.

The Thompson submachine gun was truly a one of a kind weapon that set the stage for virtually every semi and fully automatic gun that came in its wake. Designed by General John T. Thompson, the Tommy gun was created with a specific goal: replacing bolt action service rifles. Thompson was heavily inspired by the trench warfare of World War 1, and saw bolt action rifles as a liability in close quarter combat situations. He had a better idea.

In Thompson’s words, a safe operating, “one-man, hand-held machine gun” would be the ultimate weapon to use in the trenches.

Although the era of the Thompson submachine gun has long passed, gun enthusiasts can still experience the classic feel and awesome shooting power of “the gun that helped to change the world.”

Airsoft company Pyramyd Air sells official 1:1 scale replica airguns like the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun. These guns are a fantastic value for gun enthusiasts and feature the same authentic craftsmanship and superior detail as their real firearm counterparts.

The Airsoft M1A1 Tommy Gun
The M1A1 Airsoft Tommy sold by Pyramyd Air is a battery-powered electric airgun, and sports a full metal body with plastic imitation wood stock. Featuring the same sleek body design as the original Thompson M1A1, the gun fires a continuous barrage of plastic BBs at a velocity of 360 fps. A high-capacity 380 Rd magazine allows for a more satisfying shooting experience by eliminating the need for constant reloading. Gun enthusiasts can now enjoy outstanding mobility and the fierce rapid firing precision that made the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun an infamous weapon during the Prohibition era and World War 2.

The gun experts at Pyramyd Air are committed to a completely satisfying online shopping experience. An extensive on hand gun inventory allows most orders to be shipped within the same day. Customers can shop with confidence knowing all products purchased from Pyramyd Air are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee. Experience the unbeatable look and feel of the Airsoft Tommy and many other classic airsoft replica guns. For more information please visit

Pyramyd Air sells airsoft guns, accessories and ammo from major brands like A&K, Aftermath, Beretta, Bushmaster Airsoft, Caspian, Classic Army, Colt,

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I have been waiting for the tommys to come back. has finally got them in and I love it!!!!

They called me when they got them back in so I placed my order right then and there.

Here is the tommy I got


Wow, this tommy gun is pretty cool! I have the Chicago typewriter type and I love it 🙂