Victory Archery Announces Greater Penetration With New VAP Arrows

Victory Archery Announces Greater Penetration With New VAP Arrows

Victory Archery VAP Arrows
Victory Archery VAP Arrows
Victory Archery
Victory Archery

Carlsbad, CA –-( Victory Archery designs and manufacturers one of the highest quality, highest tolerance carbon shafts for archery available today.

This California company proudly announced its newest entry into the carbon arrow shaft market with the introduction of its VAP (Victory Armor Piercing Series).

Marty Connolly, Victory President made the announcement:

“The VAP is an exciting updated version of the extremely popular NanoForce shaft, which the VAP is replacing in our line. The quality, durability and performance of the NanoForce live on in the new VAP Series available now.”

Victory Archery VAP Arrows
Victory Archery VAP Arrows

The VAP Series is a special shaft that incorporates Victory’s advanced carbon shaft technology and manufacturing techniques that ensure the highest degree of strength and straightness ideally suited for both the professional and amateur target archer and bowhunter.

World renowned bowhunter Bob Fromme of Performance Archery, San Diego, CA conducted extensive testing on the new VAP Series and had this to say:

“As a hunter and Pro shop owner I am constantly in search of the ultimate bow and arrow set up. There has always been, until the VAP, a trade off between speed, accuracy and penetration.

The Victory Armour Piercing arrow with specially tapered Penetrator broad head / point insert blows material out of the way so the small diameter, thick walled shaft can drive penetration to an unheard of level.”

“I compared a competitor’s high quality carbon arrow weighing 30 grains more than the VAP. I shot field points, a Trophy Taker Shuttle T Lock fixed blade head and the Rage 2 blade expandable into a virgin foam target.

The VAP penetration was over 25% greater. I then shot through 3/4″ plywood and the VAP out penetrated the competition’s carbon arrows by over 20 inches, basically stopping at the vanes. Now with the VAP hunters don’t have to compromise, can shoot a tougher, lighter, faster, more accurate arrow that will out penetrate heavier arrows by a huge margin, even with expandable broadheads”.

VAP arrows feature Victory’s new patent pending, Penetrator Insert that provides a stronger, sleeker fit for both target points and broadheads.

The streamlined Penetrator Insert available in 5/16 and a 9/32 will enable archers to go directly from Gold Medal target/field point accuracy to maximum broadhead performance. The new Penetrator Insert – Easier to work with, increased aerodynamics and broadhead ready.

Victory Archery – Carbon Experts for Over 20 Years
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