PennFuture Launches New Coalition & Website with Focus on Hunters, Trappers

PennFuture Launches New Coalition & Website with Focus on Hunters, Trappers
New Pennsylvania Camo Coalition to Provide Unified Voice in Harrisburg for Outdoors Enthusiasts.

Pennsylvania Camo Coalition
Pennsylvania Camo Coalition

HARRISBURG, Pa.--( Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) today unveiled a new initiative, the Pennsylvania Camo Coalition, along with a related website,

The initiative and website will be used to provide no-cost education and advocacy opportunities on state conservation policies that affect wildlife, habitat, and sporting enthusiasts’ concerns.

“Looking back through history, Pennsylvania’s sportsmen and women were the original conservationists”

“Looking back through history, Pennsylvania’s sportsmen and women were the original conservationists,” said Jan Jarrett, president and CEO of PennFuture.

“Our hunters, anglers and trappers have been, and continue to be, some of the state’s most committed and effective conservation leaders. We all need to work together, with a collective voice, to protect and defend our natural resources and the traditions we respect and appreciate.”

“We are at a historic fork in the road for our forests, our rivers and streams” said Jarrett. “With the discovery and development of the Marcellus Shale gas formation, choices will have to be made and a balance will have to be reached. Hunters, anglers, trappers need to speak up to make sure their favorite hunting spots and trout streams aren’t ruined by careless drilling and inadequate regulations. By creating the Camo Coalition, we hope to balance the needs of sportsmen and our conservation ethic with that of the economic opportunities drilling will bring.”

The primary objectives of the Pennsylvania Camo Coalition are to facilitate statewide advocacy for the protection of Pennsylvania’s wildlife and the associated habitats, promote Pennsylvania’s outdoor heritage and outdoor recreational opportunities, and to defend the right to hunt, fish, trap, and enjoy the lands and waters of the state.

Membership in the coalition is free for all sportsmen and women. The website serves as a portal where all can learn of different legislative and regulatory proposals in front of the legislature and regulatory agencies. It will also serve as an advocacy tool, allowing hunters and anglers easy access to communicate with their legislators.

Seven other states have camo coalitions, all of which are initiatives of statewide affiliates of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). PennFuture is Pennsylvania’s NWF statewide affiliate. The coalition is coordinated by Ed Boito of PennFuture. He may be reached at (717)-214-7928 or [email protected]

PennFuture is the Pennsylvania affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation

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I agree. No hunter should have anything to do with this organization. I will be informing our state representatives & senate about this "group" of pretenders, so they are aware that they in no way shape or form speak for "real" hunters of Pa.


This supposed "Camo coalition" is nothing more than a politically driven group that has no interest whatsoever in "hunting" or "hunters" other than to add hunters voice to their own so it carries more weight in political lobbying. This is NOT a good group for hunters to be affiliated with. Penn Future has recently stabbed hunters in the back by supporting issues that are 100% counter to hunting in Pennsylvania. They only see us as allies when it benefits their greenie enviromentalist extreme agendas.