Animal Rights Groups Lie & Twist Facts to Stop NJ Bear Hunt

Animal Rights Groups Lie & Twist Facts to Stop NJ Bear Hunt
Quoting lies and questionable data NJ animal extremest then ask their well meaning supporters to unknowingly spread their half truths as facts. –

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( Below is an announced plan to stop New Jersey's black bear hunt by two animal rights organizations.

Readers should keep in mind as they read the plan that although the organizations reference a recent study by Dr. Edward Tvass,

Dr. Tvass' PhD is in physical-organic chemistry and not wildlife management or wildlife biology.

His past works on black bears do not appear to have been subjected to scholarly peer review, which “requires a community of experts in a narrowly defined field, who are qualified and able to perform impartial review. Peer review is generally considered essential to academic quality, and used in most important scientific publications.”

The plan also states that the during the Black Bear Management Policy Comment Period 9,287 comments were received and 6,484 (70%) were against the hunt.

It should be noted that of the 6484 comments against the hunt more than 3,000 were reported to have been submitted by the Humane Society of the United States from their membership ranks, without signatures and apparently without the knowledge of those whose names were submitted.

Finally, the animal rights extremists make a claim (below) that “the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, in conjunction with the NJ Fish and Game Council sabotaged, manipulated, and lied to NJ residents about black bears to garner support for their brutal hunt.”

Readers should note that the Anti Defamation League lists the Executive Director of one of the organizations making the claim as a press officer of a “growing group of tested, well-spoken above ground activists who will provide the media with information regarding actions by the underground, along with explanations of their ideology and philosophy.”

The ADL continues, “the press office is not limited to speaking on behalf of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the nation's most active extreme animal rights movement. The press officers are associated with other animal rights groups, both mainstream and more militant, like Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) and the Animal Defense League.”

Below is the message from BEAR Group and APLNJ (formerly New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance) to stop the bear hunt:


NJ – There are Only 63 Days Left to Save Our Bears

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,

There are Only 63 Days Left to Save Our Bears Two critical actions to do immediately – NEW INFORMATION BELOW

Today, representatives from the Coalition to Protect New Jersey Black Bears are meeting with Robert Martin (Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection) and his chief of staff, Magdalena Padilla.

Today also marks the day when Dr. Edward Tavss' study is being released.

This week, we will be releasing every scandal involved with Black Bear management in New Jersey. How the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, in conjunction with the NJ Fish and Game Council sabotaged, manipulated, and lied to NJ residents about black bears to garner support for their brutal hunt.


Dr. Ed Tavss' Study In a study released today, Rutgers University Professor Dr. Edward Tavss states, contrary to what the NJ Division of Wildlife (DFW) claims, bear nuisance complaints in New Jersey have significantly declined. The Tavss Study took 5 months and utilized 4700 records obtained by the DFW through the Open Public Records Act.

Dr. Tavss study is here: or here: The Press Release is here:

Please help us publicize Ed Tavss' study. Write about this in your letters to the editor. (See number 2 below.)

ACTIONS: The Governor Governor Christie HAS the power to stop the bear hunt. In 2000, Governor Whitman stopped the hunt a few days before it was due to begin. We must remind the Governor how much support bears have in our state. The actions below are CRITICAL! We are asking you to help us make a huge statement for bears over the coming weeks. We MUST make bears the Number 1 issue in New Jersey. We need your help to do this. Please forward this alert to everyone you know.

October 4 – October 9:

1. Please call, write, fax, webmail or write Governor Christie EVERY single day. Be polite, but firm. Do not allow them to switch you to another department. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

CALL: 609-292-6000 FAX: 609-292-3454 WEBMAIL: (pick Environment, then Fish and Wildlife)

Write: Governor Christie Office of the Governor PO Box 001 Trenton, NJ 08625-0001

Talking points:

1. Please read Ed's Tavss' report on his study. Please read the press release. This conclusively proves the nuisance complaints went down, so Christie's justification for a hunt is unfounded. Even if nuisance complaints went up, the hunt will NOT solve problems. Learn all you can. Time is running out.

2. The Division of Fish and Wildlife, along with the NJ Fish and Game Council not only sabotaged nonlethal black bear management, but deliberately inflated the nuisance complaints.

3. Ask the Governor to STOP the hunt. He has several options, several ways he can do this without much political backlash. Millions of NJ residents are against this hunt and will be outraged and devastated if it goes through.

2. Please write a short “letter to the editor” to your local newspaper about Dr. Ed Tavss' study. Locate their contact information below. Include your name, address and phone number for verification purposes. NOTE: Everyone reads the letters section in their local and weekly papers. We cannot reach everyone by e-mail, so it is critical that we keep the issue alive in the newspapers. If you have a local paper you'd like us to include in future alerts, please send us the contact information.

In the meantime, APLNJ and the BEAR Group's efforts will continue, grow and expand – as needed. Please look forward to additional alerts, rallies planned, etc. in the upcoming weeks. Please see below for a sampling of what we've done to date, things in progress and things planned.

We are also open to suggestions and welcome input from everyone.

Thanks, Janet Piszar, BEAR Group Executive Director Angi Metler, APLNJ Executive Director — Newspapers: ASBURY PARK PRESS 3601 Highway 66, PO Box 1550, Neptune, NJ 07754 Fax: 732-643-4014 yourviews

BRIDGETON NEWS 100 E Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Fax: 856-455-2633 mgray

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES 4284 Route 130 North, Willingboro, NJ 08046 Fax: 609-871-0490 [email protected] .com

COURIER POST 1201 Route 22 West, PO Box 6600, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Fax: 908-707-3273 cneditor

THE DAILY JOURNAL 891 E Oak Rd., Vineland, NJ 08360 Fax: 856-563-5308 djopinion

DAILY RECORD 800 Jefferson Rd., PO Box 217, Parsippany, NJ 07054-0217 Fax: 973-428-6666 [email protected]

THE EXPRESS TIMES 30 North 4th St., PO Box 391, Easton, PA 18020 Fax: 610-258-0988 Jpiccotti

GLOUCESTER COUNTY TIMES 309 Broad St., Woodbury, NJ 08096 Fax: 856-845-5480 [email protected]

HERALD NEWS 1 Garret Mountain Plaza, PO Box 471, West Paterson, NJ 07424-0471 Fax: 732-565-7208 [email protected]

THE JERSEY JOURNAL 30 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ 07306 Fax: 201-693-9531 [email protected]

THE RECORD 1 Garret Mountain Plaza PO Box 471 Woodland Park NJ 07424-0471 [email protected]

WEEKLY PAPERS: (We depend on our supporters to help us list local newspapers.)

AIM WEST MILFORD PO Box 976 Hewitt NJ 07421 [email protected]


SUBURBAN TRENDS 505-509 Main Street Butler NJ 07405 [email protected]

Past, Current and Present Initiatives – Lawsuit covering the following a) 2010 Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP) violates the Administrative Procedures Act and is arbitrary and capricious. b) The Fish and Game Council violated the Open Public Meetings Act and created the 2010 CBBMP in secret. c) The Division of Fish and Wildlife was derelict in its duties when it failed to file annual reports to the legislature, as required by statute. – Educational billboards – ongoing – Governmental administrative meeting requests with one in progress – Strengthened, updated, and communicated with the Coalition to Protect NJ Black Bears – now 800,000 NJ residents strong – Rallies – Planning several to take place throughout Bear Country. We will need maximum participation. Please look for future alerts… – Black Bear Management Policy Comment Period: Out of 9,287 comments received, a whopping 6,484 (70%) were against the hunt – Exposing the fact that this hunt will cost $600,000. Our efforts to obtain the budget and how they are paying for this have been stonewalled by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. – Attended game code meeting (September 14, 2010) as a stakeholder. More to report later. – Held a press conference on June 7, 2010 at the state house for bears – Contacted every newspaper editorial board and provided information about bears, DFW information, etc. – Bear Faxes are sent to every legislator, bear town mayors, etc. – New website/blog in development – Ed Tavss Study disproves state's claim about bear nuisance complaints

End of message


Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We've got your back!”


NJOA – The mission of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to environmental stewardship. We will champion the intrinsic value of natural resource conservation – including fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders and policy makers. We will support legislation, and those sponsoring legislation, that provides lasting ecological and social enrichment through sustainable use of the earths resources. Visit:

  • 33 thoughts on “Animal Rights Groups Lie & Twist Facts to Stop NJ Bear Hunt

    1. Didnt know you were banned, do not support canned hunts, do not bait, fair chase only a.k.a. no fences. I have eaten bear meat, I eat every species of game I harvest, no exceptions. The animal is entirely used, meat, fur and the internal organs the racoons ,vultures,fox, coyote, and yes bears are welcome to eat. I hunt from the ground, don't shoot fawns, will take does if permitted. Tastes the same, actually maybe a little better. Lived in Mahwah, had deer and turkeys in the yard everyday. Planted two gardens, 1 for us with electric fence, 1 for us without electric fence, deer and turkeys love pretty much the same veggies/fruits as we do. Didnt hunt in the yard, thats their refuge. If I cleared anything up, fine. If not, can't please everyone I guess.

    2. …now to continue where I left off before being banned:

      Robert Krawiec,

      I have to say that I’m not sure where this debate about ethics vs law is coming from, when I am not the person that brought up the issue of baiting bears. You did! You also claimed that it was illegal. AmmoLand also claimed it was illegal, yet contradicted themself by then claiming it was legal (???). So I do not understand either of you. You both seem uneducated on an issue that you brought up.

      To be clear, I claimed that I thought you were wrong and that baiting in NJ was legal because I knew that I had seen hunters on the news last year admitting to it. I then suggested that both you and AmmoLand should be honest and report the hunter to the authorities, since you both felt it was illegal.

      When AmmoLand accused me (falsely!) of fabricating the fact that hunters did admit to baiting, I was able to prove them wrong. But again, I never claimed that baiting black bears in NJ was illegal.

      Personally, I think it is unethical. I find it disgusting. In my opinion, it is the exact opposite of hunting…that’s why it’s called baiting (not hunting! Sorry.). I find it equal to canned-hunting, which I also think is unethical, disgusting and NOT hunting, by any means.

      Also, I have to tell you and some of your friends on this site that I have had many great conversations with hunters both in person and online (

      I will treat hunters with respect as long as they treat me the same way. I do not like when hunters perpetuate myths, lies and half-truths. But I find that when we are respectful towards each other, we can find common ground.

      I have found that most “real” hunters opposed canned-hunting. Most “real” hunters also oppose other types of sport and trophy hunting and therefore, many do not hunt bears. I use the term “real” hunters to refer to hunters that hunt (usually deer) and use the carcass as food. Now, I do not agree with that nor do I support it, but I can understand it.

      What upsets me is when a hunter tells me that they oppose canned hunting and I say that we should join forces to help close them. What an effective protest that would be if animal rights people and hunters stood together to rid the world of an horrible unjust cruel business! Yet, in the end, no hunters want to team up with animal rights people.

      Now, I agree with you. There are hypocrites on the animal rights side too. It upsets me. The only difference is that they are on my side. So I’ll take their support even though it may be imperfect. You are right. I hate going to the protests to support the NJ Black Bears and there are 100 protestors there (which is great) but 99 of them are going to Applebees to have steak afterwards.

      I support the bears. Period! I have very strong feelings about those that perpetuate myths, lies and other negative points regarding bears. Most hunters, police and government officials have no knowledge regarding black bears.

      I have talked to Kelsey Burgess the NJ State Biologist about black bears. I have discussed the fact that the feeding of wildlife laws need to be updated to include garbage. The laws are antiquated and need to be enforced. Mr. Burgess, a man of science, refuses to accept that if my neighbor leaves their garbage out full of chicken remnants, leftover pizza, etc. and I put out birdseed for a bear to eat, that it’s really the same thing. It has the same effect. Both attract bears for food. It’s unexplainable how this man cannot see this. It is quite offensive to have him deny the fact that a food source is a food source. Bears do not discriminate.

      Sadly, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and our government enables that behavior. It is truly sad. I cannot understand how a person could live in Highland Lakes (Sussex, NJ) and be upset when a bear enters their yard. It’s completely stupid. To me, it’s like someone moving into a home off Rt. 9 just south of Rt 78, then complaining about the noise coming from airplanes taking off and landing at Newark Airport. It sounds stupid when you put this issue into another context – that’s because it is. If you move into the wilderness, guess what shows up around your house? The wilderness!!!

      I cannot wrap my head around why people dislike bears so much? It’s the same thing as racism to me – honestly. I could care less if there are 10,000 black bears in NJ.

      So, again, I don’t know where you stand on all of this. Your posts confuse me and seem unclear. I tried to initially respond to the topic regarding “animal rights people lie and twist facts”. I have found no one able to support that topic in this thread. And I have found hypocrisy, lies, misinformation and confusion in all subsequent posts. These are the common hunter reactions to the truth.


      Drew Cerria

    3. To Ammoland & Members,

      Before I continue to respond to Robert's comment, I want to point out the ongoing hypocrisy of AMMOLAND.

      After making several posts, AMMOLAND banned me from this web site. I was accused of breaking policy and using personal attacks and name calling. Oddly enough, if you read all of the posting threads related to this headline, you will see THE TRUTH, which is that AMMOLAND falsely accused me of:

      Attempting "to paint all Hunters as law breakers and ruthless killers"

      I never did that! I have repeatedly commented that this accusation is false and slander. Yet, strangely enough, there has been no apology or retraction from AMMOLAND.

      Then, Rober Krawiec called me:

      an "uneducated, biased, tunnel visioned fool."

      So far Robert has not been banned for his name calling towards me.

      After being slandered by AMMOLAND name-called by Robert Krawiec, I felt obligated to fight back. Maybe it was not correct, but I will sit by and be bullied.

      In the end, I was punished by being banned. No other actions were taken against the other parties that took the first shot.

      I am pointing this out because it is a typical response by the hunting contingency. You are hpocrites and when you called onto the carpet for being such, you refuse to take responsibility.

      I'm used to it, but it still shameful and disgusting.

      Drew Cerria

    4. Drew, ethics are not laws, as you know. in order to hunt far enough from bait to be legal, you would have to take a shot longer than I would feel comfortable with a shotgun.If you hunted where I hunt, baiting is illegal.Fair chase hunting to some means no high fences, to me it means no bait.Thats my choice, there was a time in N.J. where it was illegal to bait for deer, that was changed years ago.As a former hunter-education instructor, the change in policy convinced me and my wife to find other efforts to volunteer for. The gap between hunters and non-hunters will likely never be closed.Protesters at the Great Swamp hunt 20 years ago, stated they were against animal creulty. When asked how many were vegetarians, only a few of the fifty plus protesters were. All wore shoes made of leather that were visable, men were wearing belts ,also leather. And 1 woman had on leather gloves,unfortunately these animals didnt commit suicide, I doubt the cows in question also didnt give up their hides voluntarily.Best of luck in the future and if you can convince other northern n.j. homeowners to be as careful as you state to be, the bears will leave populated areas, but that probably wont happen.

    5. By the way Brian,

      The vegan koolaid is awesome. I recommend it. It's good for your mind, heart and soul. Something you could use!

      You see I opened my mind. I can eat food and know that no animal had to live out a miserable existence and suffer a painful horrible death just so I could have sausage on my pizza.

      The world is changing right before your eyes. More and more restaurants have vegan food. More and more grocery stores sell vegan foods. Read Men's Health once in a while and see how many athletes are switching to a vegan diet.

      Less than 1% of the population of NJ are hunters. You are dying breed. Why else would NJ practically give away the bear hunting permits last year? Only $2 for the permit. What a joke. Think about it. We are a capitalistic society. If there was a high demand, the permits would be $5, $10 or maybe $25. Considering we are in a recession and the NJ government is floundering on the brink of economic turmoil, why almost give away permits for a bear hunt that hasn't occurred in 5 years.

      You are dying breed! Thank God.


    6. Hey Brian,

      Thank you for your commment as you continue with the hunter hypocrisy.

      So it's OK for Ammoland to accuse me of fabricating a story (which is in TRUE) and accuse me of saying things that I NEVER said. It's OK for Robert Krawiec to call me names. But you don't like it when I fight back. Then you decide to call me a troll.

      You hunters are idiots and your continued posts only prove my point. So keep 'em coming guys! I love how ridiculous you all are.

      And Brian, this whole comment thread was started because you guys posted that the animal rights people have lied & twisted the facts. The only thing I keep reading in this thread is lies, misinformation, false accusations. At least I can back up my comments. That's more than any of you can say.

      Also, at least I thanked this web site for not blocking the proof that NJ hunters admitted to baiting. So far Ammoland has not apologized for absolutely falsely accusing me for trying to "paint all hunters as law breakers and ruthless killers". So think about that. I can be honest, something you and your fellow comment trolls should try.

      Again, the challenge remains…call anytime. So far, no takers.



    7. Drew; It obvious you are a committed drinker of the vegan koolaid and your displayed hate for hunters is undeniable. There is no discussion with people like yourself on this issue.

      I do not expect that anyone would want to a have a dialog with such a name calling comment troll.

    8. Guys what's going on?!!!

      No responses to my postings?

      No more insults and slanderous remarks?

      Anyone else want to tell me that I should research this issue?

      Anyone want to step up and apologize???


      You guys are a joke!

      Keep fighting your ridiculous fight based on lies, out-of-context comments, misinformation and ignorance!

      You should all be very proud of yourselves.


    9. Ammoland,

      I want to continue to point out that your comment on March 2 regarding bear baiting is contradictory.

      Your comment first calls me a liar for stating that hunters admitted to baiting on the news during the 2010 NJ black bear hunt. Your second paragraph states that it is illegal to bait and that it is strictly enforced. Your third paragraph is apparently some quote from the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife regulation which gives guidelines for baiting, but does not state that it is illegal. And in your final paragraph, you state that baiting is a "tried and true hunting method" and that it is legal in NJ within the guidelines given.

      So what is it? You claimed it was illegal and then legal in the same posting. This goes to show that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      YOU CLAIMED IT WAS ILLEGAL and Robert Kraweic (March 2 post) claimed it was "illegal and unethical". I never stated in any of my posts that baiting was illegal. I only stated that hunters admitted doing it and if it was, in fact, illegal, then you guys should be responsible and report your fellow hunter who admitted to the supposed crime.

      You have the typical ignorant hunter mentality. I deal with dolts like you constantly. Wake up! Get informed! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

      You are a shameful and disgusting person.


    10. Ted law,

      Why do call yourself "law"? Is that to intimidate or something?

      It's laughable. You can barely write with any kind of sense.

      Please stop embarrassing yourself and fellow hunters by posting on this site.


    11. All arguing aside. I DO appreciate that Ammoland posted my post with the link showing that a hunter admitted to baiting.

      Honestly, I didn't think they would let it go through.

      Thank you for being fair

      However, the rest of you are still idiots!


    12. Robert Krawiec,

      You are incorrect in regards to baiting! The link I posted has a video in which a NJ hunter clearly states that he baited for a week and waited on opening day of the 2010 bear hunt to kill the biggest bear.

      Just to clarify, it was YOU that claimed that baiting was illegal in your post on March 1. I only claimed that it was a fact that I saw hunters on the news admitting to baiting. Ammoland accused me of fabricating that story, so I have posted the link to the Star Ledger web page which contains that video as proof that it is a FACT.

      I also agreed with Ammoland that the rule (or whatever that paragraph they posted is from) simply give guidelines for baiting, but does not state that it is illegal. Except for the Delaware Water Gap, where it states baiting is prohibited. And I gave the example that a hunter can be 301 feet from a bait pile in Waywayonda State Park (West Milford, NJ) and not be doing anything wrong.

      Looks like you should do some research. But I'll make you a deal. You don't have to do any research. Just shut up and get out of NJ ASAP!

      So who is the uneducated, biased, tunnel-vision fool now? Looks like you stole the award from me.

      See ya!


    13. Mike,

      Who are you to decide there are too many bears in NJ?

      I live with black bears almost everyday from April through December. I have been in my yard raking while a mother bear & 3 cubs walk through. We all just look at eachother. I'm always in awe at how amazing it is. They never threaten me. They look and pass by. That's how it should be. That's how it can be.

      The problem is people, not bears. It doesn't matter if there are 100 black bears or 5,000. Someone will always try to justify killing them.

      And by the way, you are wrong. Mother Nature may be a bitch, but if nature could not sustain the population, it would not have grown. In fact, we live in a great area for wildlife. New Jersey along side New York (northern NY, not NYC) and Pennsylvania has a lot of great woodlands that provide excellent food supply and shelter for bears. They have a great range to move around. So, again, I must throw this comment back to you hunters…do your research before speaking about this issue. So far, your fellow hunters have lied, slandered, misinterpreted and misunderstood almost everything I've posted.

      Uuugh. I can't believe you people actually operate firearms. That's far more scary to me than all 5,000 black bears of NJ!!!

      Call anytime!


    14. Ashley,

      You may not like the video, but there is no spin to the hunter admitting to baiting.

      You guys are too much. AMMOLAND claimed baiting was illegal only a few posts ago. Now somehow, I'm a liar and the video is BS.

      The facts speak for themselves.


    15. Hey Ted,

      Your fellow hunter first claimed that baiting was illegal and nonethical. And they claimed that I lied. I never said that baiting was illegal. I PROVED that a hunter did it! I a

      So don't fabricate more lies by saying that I have no proof. You are an idiot. Watch the video and see a NJ hunter admit to baiting. Also, I had to point out to another one of you idiots that the paragraph listed does not state that baiting is illegal. I agreed to that already you idiot.

      You would do well to read before speaking, or in this case writing, as it makes you look stupid like all the others that have posted lies.

      Feel free to call me anytime


    16. That ledger Live video is the biggest piece of liberal trash reporting on hunting I have seen in a longtime. So much for un-biased reporting.

      Down with Vegans, they are the enemy!

    17. Someone needs a realty check, there are too many bears in NJ, the population has gone un-managed for way to long.

      Mother Nature is a Mean Bitch, if she had her way they would be killed by predators, eaten, dead from disease or staved to death.

      Hunting is the way to go. Conservation Not Preservation!

    18. Drew; You are not gonna find any supporters here as no one reading this is buying into your vegan save the cuddly bears BS.

      Also your arguments is stupid, as you are just spiting hairs on reading the rules and implying that someone broke the law, you have no proof and no one needs to defend themselves to you.

      You can bait an "AREA" for bears, that is allowed and an approved hunting method.

      What you can NOT DO and is ILLEGAL in NJ is hunting bears within 300 yards of a bait pile in NJ. That is AmmoLand point and is correct.

      The hunter you mentioned says he baited and hunted the area, he makes no statement that he broke the law.

      Your hate of all hunters is blinding you to this fact.

      The bear hunt is now over and was mildly successful, hopefully next year we will see a much bigger bear kill and reduce the NJ bears to manageable levels.

    19. AMMOLAND,

      Again, I am forced to point out that you have TWISTED THE TRUTH.

      The paragraph that you posted does not state that baiting is illegal. It only gives parameters for baiting. It says that you must be beyond 300 feet of a bait pile. And it does prohibit baiting in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

      Based on this paragraph, if a hunter is in Waywayonda State has a bait pile and is 301 feet from it, he or she can shoot a black bear.

      Again, this type of nonsense is typical of hunters. Maybe you are not rule breakers or ruthless killers, but you seem to be very good at LYING and SLANDERING.

      Wake up. DO YOUR RESEARCH.


    20. Hey Rober AND Ammoland,

      you tell me. Go to this web site and watch the video where a NJ hunter admits on camera for the NJ Star Ledger that he set a bait pile for about week before the 2010 NJ black bear hunt then waited on the first day of the hunt to "pick out the biggest one".

      His name is not given in the interview. So do me a favor. Find out who he is and report him and make sure that justice is served for the animals and your fellow hunters!

      If baiting bears is illegal. You should be very upset with this person. And personally, if one hunter is doing it and admiting it, then I find it hard to believe others are not doing it either.

      Watch the video and then tell me again that I fabricated this FACT! Do your research!!! Be aware! Stop believing the lies and misinformation.

      Call me anytime to discuss this! I am not afraid to debate this issue:



    21. Drew, Hunting bears over bait is illegal and unethical. You can access fish, game,wildlifes website and check it out for yourself. There are alot of things that are illegal that people do, thats why they have a system to fine or incarcirate them. If guilty I hope these alledged hunters get both. Like I said , do the research and come to an informed decision, not based on your feelings you uneducated, biased, tunnel visioned fool.

    22. Robert,

      You are incorrect about baiting!

      When the black bear hunt of NJ happened in December, I watched the TV news and many hunters clearly admitted that they had left bait piles for several days before the hunt to get the bears habituated to coming to their area. Then on opening day, they waited for the bears to come back at which time, they were shot.

      If it is illegal, these men would have been arrested (or at least fined) and the bear groups would have made a huge issue of it. Personally, I find it disgusting. How is that considered "hunting"?

      So, I suggest that you research your facts next time you bother to post. You are exactly the type of person that annoys me. You are opinionated. You quickly reprimand people for not doing research. Yet, you are as ignorant of the issues as most. So, people like me, end up wasting time arguing and debating with you because you do not know what you are talking about. Truthfully, you represent a large majority (including individuals in the government at the Division of Fish & Wildlife) and it very frustrating.

      Thank you for doing us a favor by leaving. But please take the time to learn the hunting laws and bear facts before wasting the time of the good citizens of MN in any bear debates out there.


    23. Robert,

      Although your comments are appreciated, they are not necessarily accurate. I DO live in the middle of BEAR country in Northern NJ.

      I am not a biologist. However, I do know that bears are opportunistic feeders and are considered omnivores (as they eat both plants and animals). I don't think anyone is really debating that.

      For me, the ongoing issue of bear/human conflict is, honestly, BS. Living where black bears pass through my yard almost daily from April through December, I had to learn to be responsible. I have adjusted MY life in order to lessen any possible problems. I use bear-proof garbage cans. I do not put birdseed in my shed. I do not leave trash out in my yard. I clean my barbaque.

      I have also learned that many of the bear behavior "facts" are nonsense. I have never had a problem with a black bear. And before learning what I needed to do to help reduce conflict, I made many mistakes. Yet, surprisingly, no black bear ever attacked me. In fact, just the opposite. If I left bird seed out and a bear with cubs ended up in my yard, 100% of the time, they ran away when they saw me.

      Yes. Moving away from or not moving into a bear area is the best way to avoid problems. The problem is that people continue to move into bear areas and they take no responsibility for it. There are no real laws that force people to be responsible. The bears take all the blame and truly are ones punished.

      I feel blessed to look outside and see a mother with cubs in my yard. How amazing!

      I do not want the government to supply anything except education and laws. Garbage is a food source for bears (or any wild animal for that matter). That is a fact. I witness it constantly. Yet, there are no laws controlling how people deal with garbage in bear areas.

      Bears should not be relocated or punished for being bears. That is absurd. They should be left to live in what is truly their area, that humans have invaded.

      Have a safe trip to MN. We are happy to have see you leave as we do need people supporting a faulty bear hunt based on lies and misinformation. People are the true and only problem. So it is best for the bears if you leave. Thank you.


    24. Just to help clarify things for the anti-hunters out there. It;s against the law to bait for bears, use dogs to pursue and or track/chase bears. It is also illegal in N.J. to hunt from a vehicle without a special handicappped permit.

      While bears do eat plants, berries,nuts etc, they also eat meat a.k.a. other animals live or dead. Bears are opportunistic feeders and any nature show on bears ever recorded shows them catching and eating fish ,and frogs.You can hunt bears to help control their population,or you can relocate them to another area(good luck finding the funds for that),birth control has not been shown to be effective, much less the expense being prohibitive.

      The only other option to reduce bear/human encounters is to have people move away from the bears, homeowners probably won't like that plan, or you can do what I did, sold my home in N.J. and moved away from all you complaining,liberal, anti-hunting people who are more concerned about the welfare of bears than the cost of living in N.J.

      If you are going to take a side and post your opinion, please research the facts and then type til your hearts content. Everyone wants the government agencies to supply limitless funds for contraceptives, relocation to another area ,exactly where in N.J. would you want these animals taken to and released? The taxes and costs affiliated with this is absurd, since you don't support hunting , trapping you don't pay into fish ,game, wildlife funding because that is a dedicated fund.

      The state government is broke in case you haven't noticed so I guess you will have to raise taxes to fulfill your dream. Have a nice day, I'm loading the truck and leaving y'all to move to Minesota.

    25. Becky,

      Your comment is completely off the mark. OK. Maybe mother nature is cruel, so what.

      You are ignoring the bigger issue which is: what if the "science", which you so believe in, is flawed? Science is not absolute. It is man-made. It can be manipulated by man.

      To blindly base your opinion on science is wrong. For if the "science" is wrong, then by your own admission, the benefit for the wildlife is incorrect.

      There are many issues to this argument. One of the issues is whether the "science" is correct. What if each side presents conflicting "sciences"? You are greatly oversimplifying this great issue.

      It also calls into question whether our own government (the Dept of Fish & Wildlife) will lie or "twist" facts in an effort to push forward a bear hunt that, in fact, is not necessary. And if they are willing to do such a thing regarding a hunting issue, what other areas of government are they willing to do it?

      You need to open your eyes to what is truly going on. If you believe in science, then science, itself, demands rigorous questioning and testing, not blind following.


    26. To Curt Kills,

      Shame on you. Your comment is disgusting.

      "Kill em and Grill em" has nothing to do with population control or management. Your comment speaks of your ignorance, so in some small way thanks shining the light on your lack of knowledge and gung-ho killer mentality. You are the "nature lover's" worst nightmare.


    27. Time is running out. we need to unite big time. Please give me contact info how I can get more involved and direct action. WE cannot fail, its out of the question, as a matter of fact, ill take the arrow in my own gut.

    28. Hey Patricia Randolph AKA madravenbear: Take your anti hunting psycho-babble elsewhere. No one reading here want to hear you go on about how the poor bears are so badly mistreated.

      If you care so much about animals how come it is OK to keep that poor iguana caged up with while you protest all day in the rain?

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Read more on this loony at:

      Hunters – Kill a bear for Patricia Randolph this year!

    29. There is no science in state agencies. They only hire scientists who are willing to "support the agenda of the department" which is to kill any creature that moves, for license money. It is not just money -they want to keep control of wildlife and nature FOR killing.
      The solution is to stop funding the agencies with killing licenses – and replace them with general public funds to bring democracy into the agencies for the very first time.
      Black bears can teach violent men and women much more about peace and values than almost any other creature. Their large size is what is valued by killers who measure their egos in inches of large furry animals. How pathetic is that? The bears cannot defend themselves against high tech weapons, weeks of baiting, radio-collared dogs, scents, lures, baits, trees stands, motorized vehicles and men's Neanderthal concepts of manhood. As humans continue to destroy life on our planet, it is time for the sane and peaceful educated people to take stewardship of our state agencies and our wildlife for peaceful co-existence. Bears know all about that. Largely vegetarian, they do not hoard and cage billions of animals for a life of torture and slaughter – nor do they cage them for experimentation and trap them for fun in watching their agony as they bludgeon them to death in traps banned in 88 countries – for decades – for their extreme cruelty.

    30. Drew & DJohnson should be a shamed as your thinking makes more bears and other wildlife suffer than any hunter.

      Mother nature is a cruel manager of wildlife, where the fit kill the weak and out of control populations die slow painful deaths from disease and lack of resources.

      Although I don't personally hunt I believe in the science that allows hunters to cull excess game for the benefit of wildlife and for the sport of hunting.

    31. As a hunter your right I don't care about human bear conflicts, because if you let the state game departments manage the population and let hunters like me kill them as needed there would be so few bear/human conflicts the number would be easily manageable by animal control.

      As it stands now so called nature lovers, with no idea how wildlife should be managed, have sued and other wise blocked well meaning fish & game managers to the point where bear populations have expanded beyond forest into suburbia.

      Luckily this time we will have the bear hunt and no whining by the minority can stop it now.

      Kill em and Grill em I say.

    32. Speaking of "twisting the facts"…you failed to mention that Dr. Edward Tavss is also a PhD of Chemical Biology, which is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry and biology. So OK, he is not a "biologist" per se. But I think this places him in the ballpark, more so than any hunter.

      Shame on you for being hypocrites.

      At the end of the day, who cares how many black bears exist? If hunters are so concerned about bear/human conflict, why not address the development of natural areas in Sussex, Warren and other counties? Why not help educate people, police and officials?

      The TRUTH is that hunters could care less about bear/human conflict. You only want to hunt and you will support (and lie about) any method to obtain that goal!


      Drew Cerria

    33. I think there is considerable issue with questions of bias between 2 groups directly opposed to each other.

      The question of 'lies' coming from the HSUS or any other Animal Rights group can be matched by questions of 'lies' coming from any pro-hunting, pro-gun, anti-animal-rights group. (And the further lies from animal 'welfarists'.)

      Basically at issue is the question of whether a living, breathing animal is a 'resource' for people to chase, trap, hunt, kill or otherwise harass.

      I, along with many many thousands of others, believe they are not 'resources' as your readers might use the term.

      I like to imagine just what an advanced alien species arriving at earth would say about our supposed advanced view of ourselves while we still wear bones through our noses and chase animals through the woods with a lust for blood in our eyes.


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