Connecticut Citizens Defense League Releases Fall 2010 Political Endorsements

Connecticut Citizens Defense League Releases Fall 2010 Political Endorsements

Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Groton, CT –-( The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has released a comprehensive list of endorsed candidates for the fall 2010 elections, as a service to their members and voters interested in their second amendment rights statewide.

Each of these candidates has demonstrated through their voting record or current actions and mindset that they are the best pro-second-amendment choice in their respective race.

The CCDL reminds its members that the only way to ensure we continue to live in a just and free society is to make every effort to vote for representatives that support personal liberty.

Please contact your town’s registrar of voters to ensure that you will be able to cast your vote come November 2nd.

The endorsed candidates are:

Governor of Connecticut:

  • Tom Foley –

Attorney General of Connecticut:

  • Martha Dean –

US Congress:

  • 3rd Congressional District – Jerry Labriola
  • 2nd Congressional District – Janet Peckinpaugh

State of Connecticut – House Districts:

  • District #39 – Andrew Lockwood
  • District #41 – Tim Plungis
  • District #44 – Mike Struzik
  • District #46 – William Nash
  • District #47 – Christopher Coutu
  • District #61 – Malvi Lennon
  • District #64 – Kathy Lauretano
  • District #70 – Rosa Rebimbas
  • District #80 – John “Corky” Mazurek
  • District #80 – Robert Sampson
  • District #81 – Rusty Haigh
  • District #85 – Mike Vitali
  • District #89 – Kathy Brown
  • District #103 – Al Adinolfi
  • District #123 – TR Rowe
  • District #126 – James Keyser
  • District #131 – Dave Labriola
  • District #139 – Leon Moore

**District #80 Has two very strong pro-2A candidates for office. Either candidate is exceptional for firearms rights. John Mazurek has a long history of voting on behalf of gun owners, and Robert Sampson has disclosed his 2A views, which are also unwavering.

State of Connecticut – Senate Districts:

  • District #6 – Henry Zembko
  • District #13 – Len Suzio
  • District #15 – Joan Hartley
  • District #16 – Joe Markley
  • District #20 – Daniel Docker

This list represents the best of our knowledge at this time. For more information please visit

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. We are especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense of both self and state, through public enlightenment and legislative action.

Bennett Prescott
Public Relations Coordinator
Connecticut Citizens Defense League
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Cell: (518) 488-7190