Cyclops Introduces Their Nexus HID Spotlight

Cyclops Introduces Their Nexus HID Spotlight

Cyclops Nexus HID Spotlight
Cyclops Nexus HID Spotlight
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Grand Prairie, TX –-( Cyclops, an innovator in personal and field lighting solutions introduces the Nexus HID (high intensity discharge bulb) for 2010. The Nexus HID is a rechargeable, eye-blistering 3200 lumen light that can be used in any situation.

The Nexus HID features a 25W HID bulb, which produces intense white light offering higher color temperature and lower power consumption. Never worry about changing the batteries again and charge from anywhere by using the dual recharge, 12V car plug adapter or 12V 300mA AC charger. The easy-to-monitor LED charging indicator light glows green for full battery, yellow for half battery, and red for low battery so the user knows when to recharge.

With a burn time of 50 minutes (fully charged) the user has comfort in knowing that after the sun goes down, getting out of the dark is easy. Light the trail back to camp or for that matter, the entire camp, with this POWERFUL 3200 lumen spotlight. The Nexus HID comes equipped with a 2 x 6V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery.

The durable, rugged construction of the Nexus HID Spotlight is built to take the abuse of the harshest hunting terrain.

  • 25W HID Bulb Light output: 3200 lumens /25 million candle power lumens
  • LED charging indicator: Green – full battery, Yellow – half battery, Red – low battery
  • Durable construction in black Dual recharge, either by 12V car plug adapter and 12V 300mA AC charger (both included)
  • Burn time: Spotlight – 50 minutes (fully charged)
  • Equipped with 2 x 6V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery

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Cyclops supplies the world with brilliant developments, designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and continues to design, reinvent and rediscover the illumination process in headlamps, flashlights and spotlights to provide safety and optimal performance. Each product goes through extreme, real-life testing before making it available to you.

The end result – a high-tech, engineered device that brings you optimal performance.

Get Out of the Dark.