Firearms Silencer Sales Jump 9% in 2010

Firearms Silencer Sales Jump 9% in 2010

Firearms Silencer
Firearms Silencer Sales Jump 10% in 2010
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( In a recent report released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), approved National Firearms Act transfer stamps for silencers, over seen and approved by the BATFE, has grown by 9% in the fiscal year.

The chart below represents the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives statistical records that exist on the total number of National Firearms Act transfer stamps issued by state Form 4s for approved silencers per fiscal year. States omitted from this report may not allow the sale of silencers. Number of silencers processed per Form 4 not available. *Fiscal year is defined as October 1-September 30.

Texas leads states with 3,621 approved sales, followed closely by Florida, 2,053 and Georgia at 1,153. Conspicuously missing are the anti gun nanny states of California, New Jersey and Rhode Island, who you would think would be first to encourage hearing protection and reduced noise pollution?

Silencers or Suppressors have long suffered from a negative image among the general public due to having been used and abused by gangsters, criminals, poachers, spies and assassins in both real life and in the movies. This has given them a somewhat unsavory image and an image that detracts from there value as a hearing protection device.

The general public are of the belief that silencers are illegal, when in fact they are quite legal and in general usage as a noise reduction device in much of United States. In the states where they are still illegal the Laws and Regulations on Noise Polution, Health & Safety at Work etc are in direct conflict with Firearms Legislation outlawing the use of Suppressors on Firearms.

NSSF Approved Silencer Report for 2010

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I cannot buy a silencer in Minnesota because they think I might use it to kill a wolf or something protected by the feds. But, heck sakes, you can download on the net plans to build anything EH?


Can I have one 🙂 Save me from having to put those annoying ear muffs or plugs on. Fortunately those things are easy to machine in to existance.


Suppressors should not be a NFA item.

They should be included in the sale of all firearms. Without any tax stamp or .gov approval needed.

After all they are just anti-noise pollution devices and not FIREARMS.

Common sense is not so common amongst anti-self defense people.