Hodgdons new Hornady Superformance and LEVERevolution Powders

Hodgdon Lever Super Powder
Hodgdon Lever Super Powder

Hodgdon’s new Hornady Superformance™ and LEVERevolution® Powders

Hodgdon Powder
Hodgdon Powder

Shawnee Mission KS, -(Ammoland.com)- Hodgdon® Powder Company and Hornady® Manufacturing have teamed together to answer the frequently asked reloading question; “Can I buy the powder used in Hornady Superformance and LEVERevolution factory ammunition?” Beginning in January the answer will be yes.

Hodgdon’s new Hornady Superformance and LEVERevolution reloading powders are the same propellants used in Hornady’s innovative and award winning high performance factory ammunition. Like its name, Hornady Superformance powder delivers striking velocities –nearly 190 feet per second faster than the nearest competitor in the 300 WSM! Other top cartridge loads are in the 22-250, 243 Winchester and the 300 Ruger Compact Magnum. Hornady LEVERevolution powder offers performance in the 30-30 Win. that has never been available previously with handloads. Velocity with a 150 grain bullet is an astounding 2,512 feet per second, that’s 122 fps faster than any 30-30 Win. published load. Both are especially smooth metering Spherical powders that flow easily through a measure.

Hodgdon’s new Hornady Superformance and LEVERevolution powder will be available in one and eight pound containers at dealers everywhere in Spring 2011. Complete data is always free at hodgdon.com in the Reloading Data Center. For more information contact Hodgdon Powder Company at 913-362-9455 or by mail at 6231 Robinson, Shawnee Mission Kansas 66202.

For your powder choice it’s Hodgdon, the Brand that’s True.

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RM Shelton

The new leverevolution powder out on the market ? if it is where in my area may I find it .
Location : Elma Wa 98541

James Sims

Buy some LeverRevolution ammunition in .444 Marlin and 45-70 Government; open up a round of each, weigh the
charge and there you have the load for those calibers and bullet weights….


Is there any data using LeverRevolution or the Superperformance powder in the 30-30 Winchester Ackley Improved. Based on what I’ve read on the results with the standard 30-30 Winchester, I can’t wait to see the results in the Ackley Improved wildcat. Look out .300 Savage.


I need load data for 7mm mag 162gr SST Hornady


Looking for reloading data for 405 Winchester lever action using LeverRevolution


I just bought superformance rifle powder, i need load data for 243 Winchester with 58 grain vmax bullet and a 22-250 remingon with a 40 grain vmax bullet I cannot find load data for these bullets which is what I prefer to shoot.


I also am reloading for my Remington 243win. Have you received any info about load data.? Why can’t you just keep increasing your load 0.005 grain each load sequence until you get failed primers, then stop ? Its making your own load data, right ?

E.L. Basinger

Mr. Wood
I don’t mean to cloud up the day on LeverRevolution, but I have a Marlin 336 re-barreled to
375 Winchester from .30-30. I have used 220 grn. Hornady and 255 grn. Barnes bullets using
Reloder 7, I get excellent accuracy and plenty fast Fps. That’s tops for me. It’s a great
” through the brush to the hog” gun and works real good on whitetails

Wayne Scheffel

I would love to see some information using LeverEvolution powder with the 7-30 waters with 120 130 and 140gr bullets!

Bob Wood

Looking for loading for 375 Winchester using Leverevolution powder. Anyone out there seen any?

Rudy Verdin

Can someone let me know if there has been any publications for loads on the .300.weatherby?

rick grassman

I need loading data for 100gr bullets in my .243win also for 140gr bullets in 270win.


why buy powder before data comes out?

robert mayo

not even in the 2013 Harnady reloading book ,do have burn rate same as win 760

Steven Marks

I may as well throw this stuff in the garbage due to the lack of reloading data. Very disappointed right now as I have 8 lbs of this powder and I’m not able to use it. I wanted to be able to load up .243 win 100gr but can’t find any recipe’s

Dan Hermann

Anyone loaded the 6.5 Grendel with these powders? I like this cartridge. A better powder would be great. I shoot with a 120gr A-Max bullet.

Ronnie Todd

i would like for you to put loads out for big bore rifles like the 4570 gov 7 the 300 win mag; you say it is for lever action so give us the data on both;it would be very helpful or just a starting point on the subject


does anyone have reload data for 32 win special 165 grain leverrevolution

Brenda Miller

I am interested in load data using your new Superformance Powder for our 7mm-08 Winchester Short Mag in a 140grain bullet. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

paul farmer

im very interested in your new power,i hope you come up with data soon.

Justin Fiddyment

It's unacceptable that Hornady has released this so called wonder powder yet lack the necessary data to load anything but the loads listed on the can with it. I can't even find it on any burn rate charts. Where can I find the tried and tested data for .243 WIN with a Hornady 95grain SST using Superformance powder?


Looking to load with superformance and or leverevolution powders in my bar 7mm08. would like to use a 139 up to the 175 bullet. Any help I can get is appreciated.

Thank you, Roy

Oscar Neiley

your Superpreformance factory loads shoot exceedingly well in my .204s. I would like to load some factory duplication loads but can not find data for this cal. What is your factory load for this cal. ? I have bought all Horn. components and am ready to load for future prarie dog hunts.



James Sims

Open up one of the “Factory Rounds” measure the charge; you now have the “Load Data” for that specific Caliber and Bullet weight. with the “Superformance Powder”. NEVER EXCEED THE FACTORY CHARGE and PLEASE,

Ray Cox

When will reload data for .308 win and .300 wby mag be available. I have superfarmance powder but reload data is limited to very few calibers.