New Jersey Hunting Business Needs Sportsmen Support

New Jersey Hunting Business Needs Sportsmen Support

Hudson Farm
Hudson Farm Hunting Business Under Attack by Anti-Hunting Groups
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( A fellow outdoor organization, Hudson Farm, needs our help to defeat an animal rights initiative that attempts to erode outdoor opportunities for many people in NJ.

For the cost of a postage stamp you can help to defeat this petty and misguided attempt to harm the efforts of a good, outdoors-minded organization.

Simply copy, paste, print and mail the letter that follows. Additional background is provided next.

Please note that letters must be received by October 26th. Please mail asap!

Background: DATE: October 14, 2010

In the state of NJ the property known as “Hudson Farm” is a substantial area of land in Hopatcong, Byram, Andover, and Sparta. The main purpose of the property has been to host a hunting and sporting club since the late 1990’s. Since 2000, a portion of the property has received a Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit from the Division of Fish and Wildlife. This Permit allows game birds to be raised and released. It also allows more flexibility with respect to hunting seasons and days. It only allows commercial activities where commercial activities are permitted by local zoning.

In 2007, the Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit was extended to Hudson Farm West (formerly known as Westby Farm).

Thereafter, Hudson Farm proposed moving a portion of its shooting school operation to Hudson Farm West. This proposal raised concerns among a number of residents in Forest Lakes. Out of respect for the concerns of our neighbors and various economic considerations, a decision was made to withdraw that proposal and expand some of the facilities at the current shooting school located in Hopatcong Borough.

A very small (six), but vocal group of anti-hunting activists took Hudson Farm to Court to challenge the issuance of its Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit. Their opposition was fueled by misinformation and speculation. The bottom line is they simply are against Hudson Farm’s right to lawfully hunt on its own property.

On August 5, 2010, the Court rejected all of the claims brought by the anti-hunting activists, but remanded the Permit back to the Division of Fish and Wildlife to make a more complete record of its investigation, more clearly state the criteria, and more thoroughly explain its decision with respect to the Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit.

By Notice dated September 29, 2010, the Division of Fish and Wildlife solicited public comment. Public comments are due by October 26, 2010.

ACTION: Public comments matter please take the time to write in support of you freedom to hunt and fish.

Following is a sample letter you can use:


Ms. Paulette Nelson
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
Office of Business Administration
Mail Code 501-03
PO Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420

Dear Ms. Nelson:

I fully support the issuance and use of a Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit for Hudson Farm. Hudson Farm has a long history of being a good citizen to surrounding communities and to endeavors that benefit all New Jerseyans. I have listed below just a few of these instances for your review.

* Hudson Farm is one of the largest private landholders in New Jersey. The Farm has conserved more than 3,000 acres, including some environmentally sensitive and valuable areas. In many cases, Hudson Farm out bid developers. This is especially significant since much of the property was acquired before the Highlands Act. It is clear that the property would look very different today if Hudson Farm was not the owner.

* While the property is used for hunting and shooting, as well as other outdoor activities, these activities are limited to only a few hundred acres. The vast majority of the property remains untouched and virtually unused.

* Hudson Farm has allowed extensive public access throughout the year, including many miles of the Highlands Trail, which passes through Hudson Farm. Hudson Farm recently sold a portion of particularly valuable property containing an extensive trail system, opportunities for recreational fields and important ecological assets to the Township of Byram.

* Hudson Farm has always been very considerate of its neighbors. While the activities at Hudson Farm in Hopatcong are more active, they are somewhat seasonal during the cold weather and closed window time of the year. Relations with the neighbors in Hopatcong have always been very good. Generally, I believe that most neighbors in Hopatcong do not mind the small amount of noise generated from the Farm’s activities when compared with the conservation of substantial amounts of property and the public access afforded.

* The activities at Hudson Farm West (formerly Westby Farm) are very limited in intensity. The historical use of the Farm to raise crops and animals has continued. Small areas of the Farm are used for hunting only by members of the club and their guests. There are no commercial hunting activities on Hudson Farm West.

* The Farm’s benefits to the community through charitable activities are well-known. The Hopatcong and Byram Charity Hikes support the fire departments, ambulance squads, and schools in both towns. The Hudson Farm Foundation collects funds through its members to a foundation that is dedicated to Sussex County causes. It has grown to one of the largest philanthropic institutions in Sussex County.

* The Farm has always made an extra effort to be a good neighbor. The most recent example is the creation of the Roseville Community Garden where approximately 40 families maintained a garden plot throughout the year, which was a great success.

Thank you for your consideration. Please affirm Hudson Farm’s Commercial Shooting Preserve Permit.


(Your Name and address)


Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”


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