Remington Arms Model 700 Rifle Official Statement for CNBC

Remington Arms Official Statement for CNBC Program Regarding the Model 700 Rifle
CNBC reporter Scott Cohn appears to not know how to safely handle a firearm.

Remington Arms Company
Remington Arms Company

Madison, NC –-( For nearly fifty years, the Remington Model 700 rifle has been the preferred choice for millions of hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts and military and law enforcement personnel.

Despite emotional reporting of baseless and unproven allegations and plaintiff lawyer assertions, several undisputed facts remain:

  • The Model 700 is the most popular, reliable, accurate and trusted bolt-action rifle in the world, with over five million rifles produced and billions of rounds fired over nearly five decades.
  • The Model 700 is the firearm of choice for elite shooters from America's military and law enforcement communities, and has been the platform for the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Army precision sniper weapon systems for over two decades, both of which specifically require the “Walker” trigger mechanism.
  • The Model 700, including its trigger mechanism, has been free of any defect since it was first produced and, despite any careless reporting to the contrary, the gun's use by millions of Americans has proven it to be a safe, trusted and reliable rifle.
  • Both Remington and experts hired by plaintiff attorneys have conducted testing on guns returned from the field which were alleged to have fired without a trigger pull, and neither has ever been able to duplicate such an event on guns which had been properly maintained and which had not been altered after sale.
  • Remington takes safety very seriously. We support hunter safety and other educational programs nationwide, and include with every Remington firearm, the “Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety,” which urgently remind every gun owner that if proper firearms safety rules are followed, no accidental injuries would ever occur.

The men and women who build, own and shoot the Remington Model 700 take great pride in a product that, over the last half century, has set the bar for safety, reliability and performance. read and see more at

Remington Arms Company, Inc., founded in 1816 and headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military government and law enforcement markets. With plants and facilities in Ilion, NY, Lonoke, AR, Elizabethtown and Mayfield, KY, Remington is the only United States manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. The Company distributes its products throughout the U.S., and in more than 55 foreign countries. More information about the Company can be found at


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    1. I bought a 700 BDL 7 mm Mag. in 1979 and loved the way it handled and most importantly the way it shot. I had never had any problems with it till about a year ago. I had not shot the rifle in several years when I was sighting a coyote off my back deck. The coyote moved to a poor shooting position. I raised the gun up while placing the safety back to ‘On’ position at the same time and the gun fired (my right index finger was behind the trigger apparatus using my right thumb to move safety) thank goodness the barrel at the time of accidental firing was at a 45 degree angle up in the air! Really scared me and thank goodness no-one was injured or nothing was damaged. I have never tried to shoot it again. Should I take to a gunsmith?

    2. Remington model 700 bdl and add out of the box are extremely accurate .I have owned several with little or no problems with them.I have had one problem were one actually went off when I placed a bullet in the receiver and closed the bolt..The gun fired by itself with the safety on catching me off guard causing me to loose control of the weapon shooting into my parked truck blowing 2 large holes in my roof because nosler partition bullet split in two as it exited through my roof.Thank goodness I was alone it sure scared the hell out of me.I still can’t figure out how it went off .

    3. Well first let me say, I have no love for CNBC, but I also have no love for Remington Arms Company, as I was A Firearms Dealer for many years, and saw some of the junk they tried to sell me, like a new Model 6 with a Knot in the stock, I don’t call that quality control for a top of the line Rifle, but my biggest complaint with them is from my own experience with them, last year I was teaching my Grand son who was 9 at the time to try to learn how to fire his Cricket 22 Rifle with out flinching, as I readied for the shot and explained just squeeze the trigger slowly and concentrate on the target, then I pulled the trigger, dropped the rifle screamed in agony and covered my eye because one of Remington’s 22 Game load cartridges had just blew a hole threw the back of the shell where the firing pin hits the cartridge, and it blew back through the bolt right in to my eye, and yes I was wearing Glasses, but the gun being so small I must have been looking over the top of them,
      After a trip to the emergency room and 3 days of having a patched up eye and a $1000.00 dollars of my own money later I went back to the shooting bench and started looking at the rest of the brass we had been firing that day and all of the Remington brass had a bulge where the firing pin strikes the casing, my first thought was maybe it was the rifle, so I tied it up and with a string attached 50 feet away I started firing some Winchester, Federal, CCI, ammo through it and they all looked fine, went back to the Remington, and again bulges in the back of the case where the firing pin strikes, so then I started to make some phone calls to Remington, and to Cricket Arms, Remington wanted to know if I had anymore ammo with the same lot number, I did so I sent them a box., at my expense
      Cricket wanted me to send them the Rifle, for their inspection as it was a Childs Rifle and they didn’t want to take any chances of some one getting hurt, so they sent me a UPS tag for pickup at their expense, which I did.
      Well Remington fired the 50 rounds in their test barrel, which isn’t even a real gun they told me later, just a heavy duty barreled action, and sent me a letter stating their was nothing wrong with the Ammunition, and that it was the fault of the rifle.
      The Rep from Cricket called me back personally, and told me they had fired 200 rounds of Federal ammo through the rifle and found no problems, BUT he also stated that because it had had a cartridge explode inside of it and the fact that it was going to be used by a young shooter, that Cricket arms wasn’t comfortable returning it to me, and wanted to know if I would accept a brand new rifle in it place, with the written agreement that Cricket arms would hold on to the original rifle for 2 years incase of any litigation, I said that would be fine, they sent me a new rifle and I was also surprised to find a brand new scope thrown into the box at no charge for my trouble. Now that’s customer service.
      Now to prove a point, I have a brand new gun used by 1000s of kids all over the country, and ½ brick of Remington 22 Game load ammo that there is nothing wrong with according to Remington, so I put one of these cartridges into the chamber, dawned my shooting glasses pulled the trigger on this brand new rifle and heard a different kind of sound, extracted the spent cartridge to find it was bulged in the back, and had a ¼ inch split down the side of the casing, so I call Remington, tell them what happened, so now they want me to send them all of my ammunition with that lot number so they can fire it all off to test it again, I told them to go buy their own, and they said if I wouldn’t send them my ammo then theirs nothing they could do for me, they refused to even consider paying my medical bills, but they did say they would reimburse me for the ammo if I sent it back, really nice and caring company, but anyway if you don’t want to believe CNBC I don’t blame you a bit, but I don’t think the Swat and the snipers are lying to you and if you cant believe the guy who invented the trigger and who wanted Remington to change it because it wasn’t safe, then you are a fool.

    4. I have owned my Remington 700 BDL chambered in 270 Win since 1973. It is my deer rifle. Those of you that understand what that means, will know that I am familiar with the look, weight, feel, handling and operation of my rifle. It is an old friend in my hands and has been with me on every deer hunt in our Pennsylvania woods. Opening day of our last deer season found me dressed and ready to climb the mountain to my tree stand well before daylight. I was on the front porch of our camp and had just carefully loaded my rifle with four cartridges, as is my practice. I rarely need more than one shot and never load to the full capacity of five. I had loaded the four, closed the bolt chambering the top round, and moved the safety to the ON position. Sometimes an idea will rise to my conscious thinking and most often I act on those thoughts. For some reason, the idea that I should unchamber the loaded round and climb the mountain with an empty chamber popped into my thoughts. It is a simple matter of taking the safe OFF, opening the bolt, extracting the chambered round, pressing that round down into the magazine, and holding those rounds down while I close the Bolt on an empty chamber. I got as far as moving the safety to OFF when the gun fired. I was holding the rifle in my left hand, and used the thumb of my right hand to slide the safe to OFF. The fingers of my right hand were open and away from the gun … no where near the trigger. Thank God the muzzle was pointed up and in a safe direction. At that hour, it sacred the hell out of me and my hunting companions, one of which hit the deck inside the camp when my rifle when off. To be honest, I had no idea why the rifle fired and was replaying the steps in my head to try and understand what went wrong. I assumed that somehow the trigger was pressed, but could not come up with any rational explanation as to how … not until I saw the TV special.
      I never thought much about having to take the safety OFF to open the bolt; it was just the way the rifle was designed. I have thought that perhaps the trigger is more sensitive than most, and might need a good spray with a degreaser and then lubricated before each use. That might seem excessive but might be necessary, given the design elements. When the engineer that invented the firing mechanism recommended two modifications to what he calls an unsafe design, it is time to make a trip to my gunsmith.

    5. I also am concerned about the mis-firings of the Remingtons. I own a model 770 30-06 that is still almost new. Are these also affective? I suspect it is the same trigger system. Should this rifle be sent somewhere to be checked? I feel that the whole story can’t be a hoax since the designer himself had doubts nearly from the start. I like Remington and just feel they have handled this problem very poorly. My wife is also a hunter but bought me a new Browning rifle because of this potential safety issue.

    6. I have a remington 700 BDL 30-06 that I bought for “a song” in 1976 when I returned home from my last tour of duty. In 1977 I went big game hunting and after we set up camp we decided to check the “zero” on our rifles. When it was my turn at the table I fliped the safety off and my rifle fired. I immediately took it to the nearest town and the “part time” gunsmith checked it out and couldn’t find what made it fire like that. I never heard of anyone having a similar problem until I saw this report on tv. I never used my rifle again and I didn’t feel right about selling it to anyone at any price.

    7. I don’t believe these people are lying , apparently something is wrong be it a manufacturing problem or maint. of weaponry.I personally own a model 700 in the following custom 300 win mag,270 bdl,270bdlss,7mm08bdlss,7mm08 bdl classic. I use them about as much as a preacher uses his bible. NEVER have I had any type of malfunction NEVER. I will shoot big green with all the confidence in the world


      P.S. That said come on big green ,help these people with their complaints and restore their confidence…

    8. I had the problem too. Model 700 discharged when the safety was disengaged. Fortunately no injuries. Turns out the small coil springs under both the sear adjustment and trigger pull weight adjustment screws were rendered useless by rust. They were replaced(by a gunsmith) and no problems for the last 20 years or so, but I’m afraid to take it out in the rain. I don’t want to mess around with trying to do maintenance on trigger assemblies. I’ve used other bolt action rifles subjected to same or worse weather conditions with no problems. Whats the answer?

    9. I have owned 700s in 30-06, 308 and 6mm since 1981. I am the original owner of two, the third was purchased from a rod and gun club. I have shot a lot of rounds thru these weapons and have not had this so called remington moment. I did see the article cmbc did and took my 700 BDL 30-06 to a highly respected gunsmith. He indicated he was highly upset with the bias reporting that was done and the weapon is tried and tested. He showed me how to properly maintain these weapons and explained what happens when owners place oil in the trigger/safety mechanism. This is a highly respected gunsmith with decades of manufacturing and repair experience with guns. If you maintain it properly it will work properly. I have 29 years in the military, and from day one keep your weapons maintained properly it will not fail you.

    10. Bob – Remington licensed their name to another manufacturer. The black powder gun wasn’t made by Remington. If you still have it and are having problems, contact the manufacturer.

      Anyone who wants to have their 700 checked for free, just give Remington a call at 800-243-9700. And Remington posted a response to CNBC at

    11. Rem 600’s have had a factory recall on their trigger group for decades.
      It will forever change your trust in a rifle when it fires after the safety drops, especially when it’s a .350 Rem magnum!

      Never had any problems with my two 700’s, but then again, I don’t shoot them much.

      There may just be something in the design that Remington uses. Nobody likes lawsuits (except for law firms) but are we to believe that all these incidents are made up? I doubt it.

    12. Not just the Model 700 ! About 15 year’s ago I bought a new
      Remington back powder rifle from (All About Sports). Went
      to the firing range and loaded it for the first time. Clicked the
      saftey off and boom !

    13. Quite a few years ago, I borrowed a Remington bolt-action rifle (not sure of the model) from a friend so I could go hunting. After returning to my pickup, I flipped the safety off and the gun fired, my finger nowhere near the trigger. As others have stated, it scared the beejesus outa me! Having seen the article on CNBC, I remembered that incident. I’m betting it was a model 700.

    14. I have owned a model 700 for about 15 years, about 10 years ago I was hunting in alberta, my guide and I standing near the truck, gun was loaded, saftey on, 300 ultra mag. I looked and saw the saftey was between safe and fire, I moved it forward then back and the gun went off, my finger wasn’t near the trigger. I had it to my gun smith, he looked it over and isn’t sure what the remedy may be. at 6:30 in the morning it definetly woke me up……….is there a fix for this ?

    15. I bought a brand new model 700 270 about 2 months ago. I shot about 30 rounds before deerseaso n to sight it in. This week when I was chambering a load after I missed, the second I pulled the bolt down the gun fired. Scared the hell out of me. What can I do about this issue?

    16. Despite the smear against CNBC by Remington, there is something to the network’s claims about unexpected firings. I grew up in the mountain West as an avid hunter and am well acquainted with the 700 series. I am also a former Marine with military training in firearms. I too have seen what the news report referred to as “Remington moments,” most often occurring just as the safety is released. Does it happen every time or with every weapon? Of course not. But is this a potentially dangerous situation that isn’t getting the attention it deserves from the gunmaker? No question, yes.

    17. I have a Remington 700 338 mag. I was hunting last year and flipped the safety off and the rife fired, scared the pee wad out of me. My finger was not on the trigger. This rifle now has me concerned is there. What can be done to remedy this problem?

    18. I do and have owned several model 700’s, (6). A 7mm Rem. Mag. that I still own fired once when the bolt was lifted. A .270 win. fired two different times when the safty was applied. Neither time did I touch the trigger.

      I sold the .270, but I still have the 7 mag. Several years ago there was a recall about this problem and I sent in the 7 mag for a correction of this problem. This was done at Remingtons expense.

      I now own a 6mm Remington and a 22-250, both 700 BDLs. I want to have the same work done to both of them. I can’t find any information or telephone number to call about this problem. If anyone can help with this information please do.

    19. I have used a model700 that I bought second hand in 1968 it is in 3006 and has takenBears ,deer.coyote,wood chucks in extreme cold in Canada to extreme heat in the Carolinas-I put 20 to 30 rounds through it each year on the range. The rifle has performed flawlessly all these years. To bad CNBC is’nt as reliable.

    20. I own a pre 1970 remmington 700 bdl 7mm mag rifle. I have bought the rifle used from a gun shop in Fairbanks Alaska in 1976. I have hunted with it here and in the lower 48 for all kinds of game from moose to deer.

      About 8 years ago, I was at a rifle range and was sighting in the rifle. I was about to shoot down range when someone in the fire line yelled for us to hold because their target was blown over and he needed to reset it. I set the gun on safety and waited about 5 minutes for the fire line OK to shoot. When the OK to shoot was given I flipped the safety off and the gun fired without me having my finger on the trigger. Luckily I had the rifle pointed in the right direction. Others along side of me asked what my problem was and I stated that the gun had gone off without me touching the trigger. The guy stated that was impossible and said I must of touched the trigger.

      Since that incident I have not before or after have had a problem with the rifle. But after watching the show with others who have had the problem and the fact that I do like that rifle, I am going to go and find a good gun smith and have him get the parts to fix it so the problem never happens again.

      1. I had a similar problem when I closed the bolt of a 700 model the gun went off on safety for no reason at all never had a problem since so it is a big reminder check your weapon well before you take it to the range or hunting..I take my rifles completely apart now clean them check for wear and change any wore or weak part I think needs changing.I most definitely check the safety and always point the weapon with the muzzle facing the ground before I place a bullet in the chamber.I am not the only one this has happened to I have talked to several people that have run into a problem or to with the 700 even though it is a great rifle.

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