Second Amendment Foundation Sponsors “Don’t Be a Victim” TV

Second Amendment Foundation Sponsors “Don’t Be a Victim” TV
The Orion Multimedia Personal Defense Block on Spike TV.

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

BELLEVUE, WA –-( Orion Multimedia, the world leader in outdoor adventure programming, is proud to welcome The Second Amendment Foundation as a sponsor of the ground breaking block of programming, “Don’t Be a Victim” airing on Spike TV, Saturday mornings beginning at 9AM EST.

The Second Amendment Foundation is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. “Don’t Be a Victim”, eagerly followed by the largest personal defense audience in history, provides viewers with useful personal safety information focusing on awareness, training and knowledge as the cornerstones of responsible gun ownership.

Until now, finding useful information on personal defense in the mainstream media has been a difficult, if not impossible task. With gun sales soaring, gun ownership has gone mainstream. Nearly 15 million guns were sold in 2009, the highest such total on record, and there are more than 200 million guns in private ownership in the US. Now with the Second Amendment Foundation’s sponsorship, and partnership, of the “Don’t Be a Victim” block, it’s members will be even better informed regarding personal safety and the responsible ownership of a firearm.

“The Second Amendment Foundation is very excited about being a sponsor for a TV show that reaches millions viewers with very important and timely programming,” says Alan Gottlieb, Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. “Don’t be a Victim” is exceptionally produced and we are honored to be a part of it.”

“We’re delighted to partner with the Second Amendment Foundation as a leader in defending firearm freedoms,’ says Chris Dorsey, President of Orion Multimedia and Executive Producer of the programming. “Their list of 6 million gun owners will help us grow the already unprecedented reach of this vital personal defense programming.”

The “Don’t Be a Victim” block of self defense and personal safety series consists of four, half hour shows: “What If?” a look back at some of the most notorious shootings, and what if citizens were armed and trained to deal with a threat. Beretta’s, “Because Lives Depend on It” gives audiences a first hand look at how military and law enforcement train, and what citizens can learn about their own personal safety. “Practical Tactical” covers the realm of personal defense tactics and training with firearms, self-defense and non-traditional weapons to keep you safe in any situation. Ruger’s, “Conceal and Carry School” follows 9 students who vow to never be victims again as they are put through an intensive weapons course.

Also complimenting the 4 series of the “Don’t Be a Victim” block are three vignettes: “Predator Stoppers” gives audiences a look at the latest in firearms, ammunition and accessories on the market today. The “Sig Sauer School for Survival” is a glimpse into the world-famous Sig Sauer Academy and the courses designed to train citizens for potentially dangerous situations that may arise. And Insight Technology’s, “Even the Odds”, are vivid stories of armed citizens who turned the tables on criminals and fought back.

The “Don’t Be a Victim” block of programming airs Saturday mornings on Spike TV, 9am – 11am EST, check local listings in your area for times and channel.

Tell us your story of how you defended yourself or loved ones against ruthless criminals at and you may be selected to share your story on an upcoming episode.

For more information on the Second Amendment Foundation, visit

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In the Tacoma area (Comcast channel 57) it's not on the schedule.