Smith & Wesson’s Jerry Miculek Wins 2010 USPSA Multi-Gun National Championship

Smith & Wesson’s Jerry Miculek Wins 2010 USPSA Multi-Gun National Championship

Smith & Wesson’s Jerry Miculek
Smith & Wesson’s Jerry Miculek Wins 2010 USPSA Multi-Gun National Championship
Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--( Smith & Wesson Corp., announced that Team Smith & Wesson member and professional shooter Jerry Miculek has added yet another title to his illustrious career.

By winning the Open Division at the 2010 United States Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) Multi-Gun National Championship. Miculek, who placed second during last year’s event, has now won the Open Multi-Gun championship four times, taking home titles in 2008, 2007 and 2005. With his most recent victory, Miculek has once again proved his competency competing with any firearm, making him one of the most diverse shooter’s of this era.

As the popularity of three-gun events continue to grow across the nation, professional and novice shooters alike have looked to expand their proficiency with the three unique platforms used – semi-automatic pistol, shotgun and AR-15 style rifle. While most competitors’ skill sets are slanted toward a particular firearm, Miculek’s familiarity and confidence with each firearm has given him a distinct advantage over other shooters. Despite his confidence and abilities, Miculek stresses that multi-gun events are anything but simple.

“One thing is for sure, you will never get bored with a three-gun match,” stated world-record holder Jerry Miculek. “These events add another level of stress and skill while at the same time testing your patience and perseverance along the way.”

When asked about which firearm he likes best when competing in multi-gun events Miculek said, “I enjoy shooting all the platforms but I really like the opportunity to run the M&P15. I’ve seen firsthand what this rifle can do in training and demonstrations. In multi-gun competition, the M&P15 continues to impress me.”

During this year’s match, Miculek’s skills were certainly tested as he went head-to-head against five of the nation’s top shooters, exchanging shares of the lead as the match progressed. As the race for the title tightened and pressure grew, Miculek remained focused on the task at hand.

“The last thing I want to do is lose the match on the first day,” said Miculek. “There were some really great competitors in this division and after having a malfunction during one of the first shotgun stages, I knew it was going to be a close race. Every match has its own pace and this one stayed hot the entire time. It certainly kept me on my toes.”

Throughout the match, Miculek’s main focus centered on consistency and maintaining his equipment in between stages. While he mentally tried to keep a running tally on each competitor’s scores and the tactics they used during each stage, Miculek knew the outcome would come down to keeping things as simple as possible.

“In any match, consistency is the key. But, it is even more important during three-gun matches,” said Miculek. “Whether the stage involves the use of a shotgun or pistol, I have to go back to the basics and look at things like wrist angle, sight picture and trigger control. It is in those areas where your consistency will make the difference.”

Over the final two stages, Miculek was able to hold off last year’s defending champion, Michael Voigt, finishing the match with a final score of 1977.257 to claim the title. Next on the schedule for Jerry is the upcoming 2010 World Action Pistol Championships in Australia.

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