Arizona Election Results Good For Gun Owners

Arizona Election Results Good For Gun Owners

Arizona Citizens Defense League
Arizona Citizens Defense League

Catalina, AZ –-( While all eyes were on the results of the November 2nd federal elections, our focus is on the outcomes of Arizona’s local elections. Who is working at the Arizona Capitol determines the progress of legislation for 2011.

So far things look promising for pro-rights legislation. Governor Jan Brewer, who was appointed Governor when Janet Napolitano left in 2009, won her bid for another term. Governor Brewer signed the AzCDL-requested Constitutional Carry legislation, among many other pro-rights bills in 2010, making Arizona the first state with large urban populations to restore the right of law-abiding adults to carry weapons, openly or discreetly, without first seeking written permission from the government. We look forward to working with Governor Brewer in the 2011 session.

Over in the Legislature, the Republicans picked up more seats, giving them a 21-9 majority in the Senate and a 40-20 majority in the House. Republican gains mean greater representation on committees. While the stronger Republican majority indicates a greater opportunity for the passage of AzCDL requested bills, it is not a guarantee. Just like there are Democrats who can be counted on to vote for pro-rights bills, there are some Republicans that subscribe to the notion that ordinary citizens can be trusted to tie their own shoe laces, but for everything else there is government. They may need that extra prodding that our membership is famous for.

Brightening our hopes a little further is the newly elected Senate and House Leadership. These are the people who determine who sits on committees, what committees will hear AzCDL requested bills, when bills get floor votes, etc.

In the Senate, Russell Pearce, the primary sponsor of the Constitutional Carry legislation, was elected as Senate President. Scott Bundgaard will become the Senate Majority Leader, and Steve Pierce will be the Majority Whip.

Over in the House, Kirk Adams was reelected as Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin was elected as Majority Leader, and Debbie Lesko is the new Majority Whip.

We congratulate the new Leadership and we look forward to working with them, as well as all legislators, on both sides of the aisle, in the 2011 session.

Even though the next legislative session doesn’t start until early January, AzCDL is already working on suggested legislation for next year. Soon, we will be meeting with potential sponsors, and the “sausage making” will begin. Constitutional Carry was only a starting point. Be prepared to become involved in the further restoration of your fundamental rights.

AzCDL – Protecting Your Freedom

AzCDL believes that the emphasis of gun laws should be on criminal misuse and that law-abiding citizens should be able to own and carry firearms unaffected by unnecessary laws or regulations. AzCDL was founded by a group of local activists who recognized that a sustained, coordinated, statewide effort was critical to protecting and expanding the rights of law-abiding gun owners. As a like-minded coalition of activists, the AzCDL founders were instrumental in the successful passage of the first major improvement to Arizona’s CCW (concealed carry) laws since they were instituted in 1994. Visit:

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