Black Rifle Friday & the True Meaning Of the Holidays

Black Rifle Friday & the True Meaning Of the Holidays

Frank Brownell
Frank Brownell -

Des Moines, Iowa – -( Sounds awesome, right?

Immediately makes you think of all the fun things you can do at the range or on hunts with your “Black Rifles”.

All the dreaming you can do to improve your shooting of these great guns. Or more importantly, all the fun you’ve been having with your buddies this past year and hopefully you will again next year. With your “Black Rifles” – which we have singled out to feature on the Black Friday Sale.

The whole point of making this the lead to this month’s WebBench is to call attention to the Big Black Friday Sale we’re putting on from 12 AM on the famous “Black Friday” major sale day to 12 Midnight on Monday night, the now famous “Cyber Monday” major sale day on the web.

Our event runs from the beginning of one to the end of the other – better than you’re going to find anywhere else out there!

What we’ve put together for you is a special sale page you can get to by following this link: or by going to our home page,, and clicking on the main banner featuring the sale.

Our team has put together a mix of brand-new products that just came in, to some great, popular accessories for the whole range/family of black guns – the AR-15, the AK, the .50 cal, Remington 700, the Saiga, and even some .22 cals. Didn’t mess around with the “usual” stuff – just things to let you trick out or up-grade or accessorize the black guns in your collection.

In addition to some special pricing on individual items, we’ve given you 10% off your entire order when you break the $150 dollar threshold. When you click on the item that interests you, you’ll go to it on the regular catalog page, and can add to your order’s shopping cart from there. Then click on the “Sale Banner” on the item page to get back to the Black Rifle Friday Sale page. To get the special pricing and all, you’ll need to add the discount code that shows up on the sale’s landing page in the “Promotional Code” box on the order page as a part of your final checkout.

So – jump to the Sale Site – click here – and have some fun shopping!!

True Meaning Of Thanksgiving & Christmas
However, let’s never forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. It is our annual reminder to take a hard look at our priorities. We all have many, many things to be thankful for in our personal and business lives. We strongly encourage you to grab those people who are most important to you and tell them, “Thanks for being a part of my life”. Drop that note in the mail, make that phone call. Let folks know you’re thinking about them and the connection you have to them, and that you just wanted to let them know you wanted to touch base with them. Or do a small act of kindness for someone. It goes an exceptionally long way in helping you be the best of who you are – and it will make a difference in everyone’s life you touch.

This time of year is the time for family and the time for friends and the time to continue to connect – or reconnect – with your personal faith. This is something we all need to do. And each major faith has important holidays along about now in which you can participate. Take part; you’ll feel personally much better for it.

Here is our personal “Thanks” to all of you.

We thank you for your continued commitment to the Second Amendment and the individual rights our Constitution and Bill of Rights grant to all of us. We thank you for your undying faith in America and what this great country and it’s free people hold near and dear. We thank you for you unlimited support of our Armed Forces, our Troops at home and those in harms way. We thank you for being our friends and customers – for telling us when we are wrong or have failed your expectations – and for the “atta-boys” when we get it right and have met your needs.

Many, Many Thanks from the Gang at Brownells.

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