Corbon Expedition Hunter Ammunition

Corbon Expedition Hunter Ammunition

Corbon Expedition Hunter Ammunition
Corbon Expedition Hunter Ammunition

COR®BON, the industry leader in innovative ammunition introduces its professional series; Expedition Hunter

CorBon Ammo
Corbon Ammo

Load Sturgis, SD  – ( Hunter™ was engineered to take down Big and Dangerous Game, HARD!  The Expedition Hunter™ is available with COR®BON's own modern DPX®, lead free X-panding™ Bullet, or the traditional, world renowned, Woodleigh bullets. Both of these proven bullets have the penetration to take down large thick skinned game. If you're hunting in the Rocky Mountains, barren grounds of Alaska or the Savannah's of Africa, Expedition Hunter™ is what you can depend on for your next adventure.

We've also designed the box with two plastic resealable, five round field packs; totaling 10 rounds of knock down power.  Plus a handy tear-n-go field ballistic chart is included for your pocket or shooting bag.

Designed and engineered for the discriminating hunter who demands nothing but the best; who recognizes distinction and the importance of excellent quality. COR®BON believes that the Expedition Hunter™ is your trusted ammunition for your next Safari.

Corbon Glaser Ammunition manufactures proven, high quality ammunition. We offer a wide variety of ammunition that appeals to law enforcement agencies, specialty military units, private citizens and hunters. Peter and Elaine Pi, and their two sons Pete and Dane, are primary owners and operators.  We are proud to be an American Family Owned Corporation. Ammunition available in all popular calibers. Visit our website for more details.

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