Dad’s Big 10 Pointer

Dad’s Big 10 Pointer

Dad’s Big 10 Pointer
Dad’s Big 10 Pointer

New York – -( Well the lucky guy did it again.

The first big buck he shot he heard in a fight the night before and was able to sneak out with the rifle the next day.

When the big buck stepped out he tripped the trigger and broke the deers front leg. A quick follow up shot put the big deer down.

His second big buck was with the bow. After shooting a nice 100 class 8 pointer dad waited a half hour and then began lowering his bow. It was about that time when something caught his eye. A 120 class 8 pointer was headed his way and bedded down about 30 yards from his tree. He pulled the bow back up, nocked an arrow and killed the deer.

So when he told me he got another big one I knew there had to be a similar story. Dad was out on his day off moving trail cams around and checking properties for sign. At the third property he headed in to move a trail camera and decided to bring his bow. After moving the camera he set up against a rock near an area he thought the deer might cross.

Soon enough he heard crunching of the leaves as two does hurried by. By the time he saw the deer they were passing him and he didn't have an arrow nocked. He decided that now would be a good time to set up and he nocked an arrow. A few minutes later the leaves crunched again and a six pointer stepped out on the trail of the does.

After seeing this deer he thought about moving up a little higher so he could actually see the deer before they got so close. Unfortunately – or fortunately – he didn't have time. The leaves crunched again and this time it was the big 10 pointer that was roaming the woods headed after the buck and two does that had just passed.

Dad got to full draw and stopped the buck in the only opening he had at 20 yards. A quick grunt stopped the deer and the arrow buried deep in the bucks chest. A mere 40 yards later the buck was down and the hard work of dragging the beast out of the woods began.

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time! I could sure use a little of dad's luck right now!

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