Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry Bill Getting Push Back from the Anti-Liberty Establishment

Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry Bill Getting Push Back from the Anti-Liberty Establishment

Georgia Gun Owners
Georgia Gun Owners

Kennesaw, Georgia –-( They know that if REAL Right-to-Carry passes here in Georgia, liberty advances. A government mandate will die. They’ve been shackling our liberties to a Big Government master for decades. You and I cannot let them succeed.

I can report some good news. Over the weekend, a Georgia Gun Owners volunteer dropped a few trays of letters into a mail box to be delivered this week to gun rights activists all across the State of Georgia. I can’t wait for those Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry petitions to start rolling in.

But that’s not the only reason I’m excited.

A buddy from Colorado called recently and informed me that Georgia isn’t the only state where the movement to pass REAL Right-to-Carry is gaining steam. North Carolina. Colorado. Oregon. Iowa. Wyoming. New Hampshire. There’s also word of a growing movement for REAL Right-to-Carry in Virginia.

This is a trend — a REAL Right-to-Carry wave is sweeping the nation. Vermont, Alaska, and just this year, Arizona, passed REAL Right-to-Carry.

To counter the left-wing, anti-liberty establishment, Georgia Gun Owners is preparing to launch a massive grassroots liberty mobilization effort that will reach every city and town in the State of Georgia.

Georgia Gun Owners needs your help as our volunteers prepare this mailing. In order to mobilize liberty-loving Georgians, will you consider a contribution to help offset the cost of buying stamps?

We have to keep this wave going…and growing. With your help, there’s no telling how many activists here in Georgia we can mobilize.

There is no time to wait. Our liberty cannot wait.

Yours in liberty,
Patrick Parsons
Executive Director

P.S. The anti-liberty, anti-gun establishment is aiming their artillery directly at the Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry Bill.

To mobilize an army of grassroots REAL Right-to-Carry supporters across the State of Georgia, please consider a generous contribution.

And, if you haven’t yet signed your Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry petition, please do so at once.

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