Help Keep $250K Out Of The Hands Of HSUS

Help Keep $250K Out Of The Hands Of HSUS
Last chance to vote in the Pepsi Challenge!

Keep $250K Out Of The Hands Of HSUS
Help Keep $250K Out Of The Hands Of HSUS
National Animal Interest Alliance

Portland, Oregon –-( We hate to be a bunch of meanies, but it has come to our attention that HSUS is on course to win $250,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project, and quite frankly, we'd love to see that money go to another, more deserving group.

I won't belabor our many issues with HSUS; our members are aware of their anti-breeder/ag agenda, the tiny portion of their budget that goes toward hands-on animal care, the Katrina debacle, etc., etc.

So what I will say instead is this: get involved and go vote!

HSUS does not need its pockets lined with a quick and easy $250,000 — especially when they're going to turn right around and use it to perpetuate the fantasy that they're just like your hard-working, hands-on local humane society.

There are tons of great causes on the board, and you are allotted ten votes. Sign up and have fun picking causes you support — especially if that cause happens to be in the top 3 in the $250k bracket! Here's the leaderboard.

And if you're an enterprising sort, you can always suggest NAIA projects for future Refresh Projects (hint: the Dog Population Study, Shelter Project, and/or Animal Hobbies and Careers Workshop could certainly use the help)!

Let's make sure the money goes to a worthy cause!

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Patti Strand, national director NAIA

The Mission of NAIA is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond, and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners and professionals through research, public education and sound public policy. Visit:

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    Terry Ward
    Terry Ward

    Ted Law, I am reporting you for the murder of english grammar.

    Ted Law
    Ted Law

    Terry your typical of animal hugging crazy's, couldn't find a friend if they were shaking your hand.

    AmmoLand is on your side on this. Hunters may harvest animals but we also save protect and grow millions more than scam artists like HSUS which only has one goal. Take money from innocent people that think they are helping animals.

    HSUS is a criminal organization and DHS listed terrorist group with one goal, separate you from your money but in your case I guess Schipperker Rescue is getting what they deserve.

    Terry Ward
    Terry Ward

    I rescue animals.

    You shoot them for sport.

    Your 'opinion' is valueless.

    End of conversation.

    Terry Ward
    Terry Ward

    You LOVE to be 'a bunch of meanies'.

    And will continue to be so up until y'all are plonked in your graves, 'guns clutched in your cold dead hands'.

    Yippie Ki-Yay, cowboys!


    Terry; I find it upsetting that you would be for the HSUS getting any support, they are stealing money directly out of the mouths of dog rescue groups just like your

    How can you support them?