Layering with Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Camo Gear

Layering with Sitka Gear GORE OPTIFADE Camo Gear
Layering for Successful Whitetail Hunting with Jeff Simpson.

Sitka Gear
Sitka Gear

Elkton, MD –-( Successful whitetail deer hunting means investing some long hours in the treestand in pursuit of whitetails.

You scouted, planted food plots, set up your trail cameras, sighted in your gun and bow but you still need a system…

A clothing layering system that is!

Layering, or the use of multiple layers of performance clothing, is a key component whether you are spending a day hunting in your local wood lot or planning an extended back country hunt.

Having multiple layers of clothing made with technical fabrics that whisk away moisture, block wind or capture heat is the key part of any successful layering system and Sitka Gear with GOR OPTIFADE makes a great selection of layering gear for the modern whitetail hunter.

In the above video Sitka athlete, Jeff Simpson, walks you through the core Sika Gear clothing that makes up a flexible, science based system that breeds hunter success.

The Sitka Gear with Gore Optifade Camo System Components:

  • Base Layer: Your base layer is practically essential to any and every Sitka System, the Core base layer series is purely for moisture wicking and comfort utilizing 4-way stretch fabric. Designed to literally pull moisture off the surface of your skin, the Core garments are critical for keeping you dry from the inside out. The Core Series is made of 100% polyester bi-component technology that actively moves moisture away from the skin. To ensure an odor resistant hunt, the Core fabric utilizes silver encapsulated technology that reduces odor-causing bacteria. The Core layers are designed as a next-to-skin layer.
  • Insulation: Although a base layer is critical to wicking moisture and keeping you dry in extreme conditions, the insulation layer is actually most responsible for keeping you warm. An effective insulation layer should be extremely warm for its weight, flexible (so you can move around comfortably), and it should shed moisture quickly, so you don’t feel clammy.  The Sitka Gear Kelvin jacket and vest boast an extreme heat-to-weight ratio. Both were specifically designed to be lightweight and packable, yet they’re also Sitka’s warmest insulating jackets and vests. Created to withstand the most extreme conditions, both the Kelvin jacket and vest are filled with high-tech Primaloft, a synthetic insulation that is several times lighter and warmer than down. The Kelvin jacket and vest are designed to layer comfortably over your base layer and under a weatherproof outer layer, for maximum protection from the elements.
  • Outerwear: Outerwear constructed with Gore’s WINDSTOPPER laminate, like the Jetstream Jacket from Sitka Gear, offers great protection against cold wind and light precipitation. Designed to pack light, this construction stops the wind, and yet offers breathability and mobility in more moderate weather conditions. The outerwear’s soft-shell fabric permits a smooth and virtually seamless finish, creates practically no noise as you move around, and helps to ward off light drizzle and snow flurries. Its fully articulated arms and stretch fabric enhance comfort, while its full-length zipper provides easy on and off.
  • Accessories: Sitka brand Hats, Gloves, Face-masks and Gear Bags all made with Gore products like Windstoper combine to make a flexible for human’s but deadly for deer hunting system.

Try the Gore system builder and customize your own set of gear at

Sitka Gear System Builder
Sitka Gear System Builder

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