New Ultra-Light Precision Shooting Rest Available from Montie Design

New Ultra-Light Precision Shooting Rest Available from Montie Design
Research Triangle product design firm continues to expand its lineup of shooting-related products and equipment.

Montie Design Precision Gun Rest
Montie Design Precision Gun Rest

Morrisville, NC –-( Collaborative product design and development firm Montie Design has announced the availability of the Precision Rest, the latest in its innovative line of portable hunting and recreational shooting equipment.

The ultra-light Precision Rest weighs in at just 2.5 lbs for easy transport in the field or on the trail, and sets up quickly and easily to provide fine and coarse adjustment for critical shot placement. The Precision Rest is a product that fills the void between shooting stick type products and heavy duty, recoil reducing rests.

“We’ve been receiving helpful feedback from customers who’ve purchased our X-Rest and AR-Rest which is leading to the development of new products like the Precision Rest,” said Montie Roland, president of Montie Design.

The Precision Rest is made of sturdy powder-coated aluminum enabling steady support for firearms ranging from semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles to shotguns, muzzle loaders, carbines and pistols. It locks together with a quick-release lever that provides coarse height adjustment as well as fast disassembly and transport. Shooters can use the Precision Rest in prone position or on the bench for indoor or outdoor shooting.

Designer Michael Poorman, the Montie Design staffer who took the Precision Rest from concept to design, said the biggest difference between this product and others on the market is its weight and usability for on-site adjustments in rifle support.

“The biggest challenge in designing the Precision Rest was making it easy to adjust for the user without making it too busy or complicated,” he said.

According to Roland, a former competitive shooter, the buzz surrounding his firm’s equipment has led to an entire product line which will be launched in time for the Christmas shopping season. The combined offerings will include Montie Design’s full lineup of shooting rests, as well as clothing, furniture, and accessories geared toward a rugged outdoor audience.

“Online sales have been encouraging for us so far, and seeing how the firearm industry has followed retail’s lead in utilizing internet and social media marketing, we’ll be launching our new brand via an online catalog near the beginning of December,” Roland said.

Over the past two years, firearm retailers and manufacturers have been posting record profits, despite challenging economic factors. This has in turn led to more jobs and increased tax revenues.

In addition to sales of shooting equipment being encouraging, Roland said, the process behind creation of his products has helped draw attention to his firm’s product design capabilities.

“The shooting gear is definitely a revenue stream, but at our core we are an innovative product design shop, no doubt,” he said.

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