Continued Information on the Need for a Black Bear Hunt

Continued Information on the Need for a Black Bear Hunt

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( I’ve received a lot of feedback on the “50 Reasons a Black Bear Hunt is Needed in NJ” action alert that was posted earlier.

It’s good to see that people find the issue engaging.

There are a number or reasons that justify the need for a bear hunt in New Jersey. Of course, public safety is paramount. The fact that black bears have a history of fatal attacks is evidence that it is an aspect of their nature that we can’t ignore, regardless of the frequency of attacks or where in North America they are reported to have occurred.

There are any numbers of causes for a black bear to attack; environmental, physical, bio/chemical, territorial or some other reason. There doesn’t appear to be answer we can rely on, any more than why humans attack other humans. Bears are wild creatures and this lends itself to an element of unpredictability.

Perhaps the fact that NJ had less than 100 bears in the 1970s and only a few hundred in the early 1990s has helped to keep a safe distance between people and bears. Today the estimate is nearly 3500 bears, most of which are in the northwest portion of the state. Bears have been seen in all 21 NJ counties. The number of reported incidents that threaten human safety has doubled since 2005. Bears are breaking into homes, causing school lockdowns, killing pets, killing livestock, have been found swimming in backyard pools and one even scattered a parade in northern NJ. There have even been reports of black bears attacking a few people this year. The details of these encounters have been reported in the press.

The point is that a bear hunt will HELP to prevent a NJ resident from being added to the Fatal Attack List by reducing the bear population and freeing up space for bears to recede into the wilds. Keep in mind that although it is natural for even habituated bears to avoid humans there have been instances of attacks on humans by bears that were regarded as habituated or “nuisance” bears.

For those of you who want to read more about the need for a bear hunt from a conservation perspective I welcome you read an article on my blog. Just click on the link that follows:

Some of you requested the link I used as source. I invite you to look at the link and then scroll to the very bottom to read the sources that are referenced. While you’re at the site, please note that bear attacks have increased dramatically during the past 20 years.


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