World’s Most Powerful Portable Grill

World’s Most Powerful Portable Grill

Solaire Grill
Solaire Grills

Whittier, CA, –-( Solaire’s high-technology portable infrared Solaire Anywhere barbecue grill cuts grilling times in half and delivers better-tasting food.

Why infrared is better: “Ready to cook in under three minutes in any weather. It cooks fast! Incredible searing power locks in flavorful juices with little chance of flare ups. Once the food is seared you can cook it to any level of doneness you desire because the juices are sealed in-power-cooking at its best!”–Ray Vavla, National Sales Manager

The Grill: Compact at 21″W x 12″H x 13″L and 20-pounds, putting out an incredible 14,000 BTUs at a range of 225 to 1,200 degrees. It comes with a carry-bag that fits three one-pound disposable propane canisters (fuel for 60 minutes each). With optional adapter hose it can be hooked up to 20-pound tanks.

Setup time: About one minute.

Speed:Warm up in less than 3 minutes. It will grill eight-quarter pound burgers (with room for a couple of hot dog wieners in about 6-7 minutes; one-inch thick steaks about 3 minutes longer.

Flavor matters! The powerful infrared burner delivers high-dollar steak-house crisp exterior while the food is finished to any degree of desired doneness. Unique V-shaped stainless steel grates catch drippings and convert them to flavor-packed smoke next to the food while virtually eliminating flare ups.

What is infrared? It is the energy you feel on a sunny-cold winter day that traveled from the sun through the cold vacuum of space to warm you up. This portable grill uniquely applies infrared energy directly to the food without conventional gas grill fillers such as lava rock, steel vaporizing sheets, ceramic tiles, etc.

Quality counts: Produced by a 100-year-old family-owned firm, this American handmade grill is constructed of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel (316 marine grade stainless option available for salt water boating use).

Price: $379.00 MSRP

For a dealer please go to or call Ray Vavla 800-782-1365.