American Warrior Digital Magazine

American Warrior Digital Magazine
By Joe DeBergalis (DirectAction)

Honeoye Falls, NY –( On November. 11, in honor of Veterans Day, NRA launched the website for the new NRA Life of Duty network.

The network, dedicated to all members of the armed forces and law enforcement personnel, provides news, information and entertainment for those whose profession is keeping America safe. And even though the site is geared towards those who serve, civilian readers should still find more than enough to like.

The network centers on NRA’s new e-zine (electronic magazine) American Warrior. Designed with those who serve in mind, the magazine covers tactics, technology and stories from the front lines. For instance, the preview issue includes articles on how computer technology is helping to better train our soldiers and how Beretta won over the armed services with the M9 pistol. Thanks to the online format, articles are also supplemented with embedded videos, so you can see the technology and tactics in action. And as always, NRA provides information and reviews on the latest guns and gear.

In addition to the magazine, the network is also host to a wide array of action-packed videos. The Patriot Profiles section serves to highlight through video the actions of and issues surrounding those keeping America safe. Current videos include a profile of World War II paratrooper Walter Hughes, a synopsis of training at the SureFire Institute and a story detailing the mission of the Patriot Guard Riders, who protect the families of fallen soldiers during memorial proceedings from the actions of a disgraceful few. Future plans for the site include the Gear Gallery, showcasing the latest fighting hardware; the Live and Listening section in which those who serve can talk back with the NRA; and the Hometown section, where deployed troops can keep abreast of the latest news back home.

The Life of Duty network is just the latest in NRA’s commitment to service members and law enforcement. Serving those who serve has been paramount to the NRA since its inception in 1871, having been founded to help solve the problem of poor marksmanship exhibited by many Federal troops during the Civil War. This commitment continued during World Wars I and II, when NRA assisted in developing military marksmanship programs and opened its ranges for military training. Later, in the 1960’s NRA recognized in police some of the same marksmanship problems first noticed in the military, leading to the development of police training programs and NRA’s dedicated Law Enforcement Division.

NRA’s tradition of service to those who serve continues today with NRA-ILA working to ensure the rights of service members and law enforcement officers. Two recent examples include NRA-ILA’s work to eliminate onerous gun storage and registration requirements proposed for military personnel off base and NRA-ILA’s work to improve the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act so that more active and retired law enforcement officers can exercise their Right-to-Carry in more places than ever.

If you are a service member or law enforcement officer, head over to and take a look; and if you are active duty military make sure to sign up for your free NRA membership through the NRA’s Operation Freedom’s Future program. And no matter who you are, I hope you’ll join me and consider donating to help the Operation Freedom’s Future program provide NRA memberships to our military. After all, it’s important to keep in mind the men and women in uniform whom we can thank for our ability to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

May the grace of this season extend to all of our readers and ARFCOM Members….Please accept my personal wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very happy and joyous New Year!

About Joe: Joe DeBergalis is a big contributor at, a great representative for gun owners everywhere, and a great personal friend. He's also a member of the NRA Board of Directors, Vice President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and Moderator of ARFCOM’s NRA Activism Forum. A longtime NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator, he was named “Volunteer of the Year” in 2005 by NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

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