Bigger Bucks Every Year with Pro Tools

Bigger Bucks Every Year with Pro Tools
By J. Wayne Fears

J. Wayne Fears
J. Wayne Fears

Pottstown PA –-( My brother Terry and I decided that if we wanted to take big bucks every year, we had to find new and better places to hunt each year, or we had to make the site that we hunted more productive, Mark Drury, a friend of mine, told me not long ago.

Mark and Terry Drury of Drury Outdoors and the hosts of “Wildlife Obsession,” “Dream Season” and “Bow Madness” on the Outdoor Channel, and each and every year, they harvest big whitetails.

Their secrets to buck-hunting success include, according to Mark Drury, that they;

  • “define the feeding area and the bedding region;
  • “set-up our green fields, so that we know where the deer will be feeding in relationship to where they'll be bedding;
  • “create stand sites on the trails the deer take from their feeding site to their bedding area;
  • “put-out trail cameras along the trails the deer travel from the feeding area to the bedding region; and
  • “create small green patches on the sides of the trails where the deer travel to give the deer a place to stop-off and eat a little bite of a different type of food before they reach their primary feeding area. Those small green patches are where we set-up our tree stands to take deer with our bows.”
hunter silhouette
Hunters put in long hours for bigger bucks.

Perhaps now you think this game plan is one for the pre-season that should occur in July, August or September. However, you can make the land you hunt better for big deer right now in the dead of winter.

Here's why – most of the foliage has disappeared, and the sap's down in all the bushes and non-commercial trees. You can take your Woodman's Pal and create a place to plant those small green fields next fall. You also can pick-out the trees where you want to hang your tree stands and clear-away most of the limbs and brush that may interfere with your shots next year during hunting season.

Also, clear a path to a tree to put your trail camera to get photos of the bucks left on the property after hunting season.

To increase your property's ability to pull and hold deer, put-out a feeder where you intend to plant your little green patches. Because food is scarce during the winter months, that feeder will start drawing deer to your land. With your trail camera, you can see the buck potential that property will have the next year. To increase the drawing power of that feeder, add a little C'Mere Deer powder to the product you're feeding.

As Mark Drury says, “You either can find better land to hunt every year or improve the land where you hunt.”

Using the Woodman's Pal, you can prepare your land and your hunting sites for deer-hunting success next season. For more tips and tactics on how to better manage your land for wildlife and to learn more about the Woodman's Pal and its many-different uses, go to

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