Gun Owners Look at 2010 Elections & Beyond

Gun Owners Look at 2010 Elections & Beyond
By Joe DeBergalis (DirectAction)

Honeoye Falls, NY –( Football coach Vince Lombardi was once quoted as saying, “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

The results of the 2010 midterm election season confirm the statement, as pro-gun candidates endorsed by the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund continued their habit of winning, while Brady Campaign-backed gun control advocates maintained their habit of losing.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, 225 of 262 NRA-PVF endorsed candidates won their elections. This results in the addition of 32 A-rated Representatives, while 18 F-rated Representatives were shown the door. The NRA’s winning ways carried over to the Senate, where 19 of 25 NRA-PVF candidates won their elections, resulting in the addition of 7 A-rated Senators, while one F-rated Senator got the boot.

But federal wins aren’t the only things to celebrate. NRA-PVF endorsed candidates also won big in state races, with victories for 15 of 21 NRA-PVF endorsed gubernatorial candidates. Kansans also voted to add a provision to the state constitution protecting the individual right to bear arms, while voters in Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee voted to enshrine the right to hunt and fish in their state constitutions.

The big wins for the Second Amendment on November 2nd are a credit to the best team in politics: NRA members. NRA once again showed why it is the envy of all other grassroots political movements by showing up to the polls in droves. This year’s get out the vote effort was further bolstered by an army of new pro-gun voters registered by the NRA Freedom Action Foundation’s Trigger the Vote campaign, led by honorary chairman Chuck Norris.

Unfortunately, despite their considerable losing streak, gun control advocates show no signs of forfeiting. Their most powerful teammate, the Obama administration, has made its anti-gun intentions known with the current State Department ban on the importation of Korean War-era surplus rifles, the appointment of anti-Second Amendment Supreme Court justices and its members’ repeated calls for the renewal of the so-called “assault weapons” ban. Every vote from the newly elected pro-gun candidates will be vital to combating these and any future Obama administration policies targeting gun owners.

Continued activism is just as important on the state level. The recent election provides new opportunities for NRA members to get the Right to Carry recognized in states like Wisconsin and Illinois and to expand the castle doctrine nationwide. Vigilance will also be needed to ward off gun control schemes like microstamping legislation in New York and California’s onerous proposal to register all rifles and shotgun sales.

NRA’s habit of winning suggests a bright future for the right to keep and bear arms, but no one should think this means NRA members can be idle until the next election. It will be up to NRA members to hold new pro-gun legislators and governors to their campaign promises. To do this, please take a minute to sign up to receive NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Alerts at NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert Signup. This will keep you informed on the latest news from around the nation in the battle to protect the Second Amendment and alert you to ways you can help influence legislation between trips to the ballot box.

Special thanks to all the Team Members of ARFCOM who supported and assisted me in “Getting out the Vote…” this election cycle. Especially my brothers WileyCoyote, Vermont2nd, my fellow ARFCOM/NRA EVC’s and to the great folks at RadioFreeARFCOM – John and Ben you did a fantastic job!

About Joe:
Joe DeBergalis is a big contributor at, a great representative for gun owners everywhere, and a great personal friend. He’s also a member of the NRA Board of Directors, Vice President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and Moderator of ARFCOM’s NRA Activism Forum. A longtime NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator, he was named “Volunteer of the Year” in 2005 by NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

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