Happy Holidays from iKnifeCollector

Happy Holidays from iKnifeCollector


Iknifecollector.com –-(Ammoland.com)- I want to wish you Happy Holidays.

Times aren’t the greatest for many folks right now with the challenges we are facing with our economy and all, but I hope you will find your holiday time very rewarding and memorable.

I hope too you can help those less fortunate during this holiday season. The unemployed and homeless need our help this year in a big way.

If you haven’t dropped by in a while, please do. New members are joining everyday- some you may know and others are new collectors looking for our guidance, and we’d love your 2 cents.

iKC continues to grow at a good steady pace and we’re bumping 2400 members. We’re getting to know collectors worldwide- collectors of the old and the new, in addition to having a blast playing knives 🙂

I do want to apologize though for our recent flurry of spammers. Our community watch program is on high alert and notifies me, if one slips by. Unfortunately several send messages and posted comments before I could get them banned recently, but please understand we are working diligently to keep our community free of these pests.

Thanks for your commitment and support for our iKnifeCollector.

Scott King
Host of iKnifeCollector

Visit AmmoLand’s page  on Iknifecollector and add us as a friend!

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